Ella's Excellent Toddlers

Hello parents!

September has been a really fun month learning all about farms and apples! We have mastered animal sounds and have started learning little facts about different farm animals. So far we have learned chickens lay eggs, cows make milk, pigs roll in mud, and sheep are fluffy! We have done lots of animal and apple counting and they are doing an awesome job starting to count on their own. We also read Chika Chika Boom Boom quite often to practice our ABC's.

In the last few weeks our kiddos have also started to join a lot in saying our prayers, it is unbelievably adorable :) Miss Beth told he story of Jonah and the big fish last week and they loved watching her act all the parts out on stage. We have also been reading the story of God providing food and water for Elijah and some days they request "more Bible" at the end!

Thanks for loving Corrine so well today in celebration of her birthday, I know she greatly appreciated everything yall did! Now for everyone's favorite part, adorable photos!!