Code Of Conduct In The Solarium

cause photosensitivity skin and result in stains

Code Of Conduct In The Solarium

*The solarium suffer most hair - becomes brittle, loses its shine and vitality. Therefore it is necessary to protect the cotton scarf or hat.

*For the solarium to get special glasses to protect the eyes.

*Another sensitive area of the mouth because they do not produce melanin, which has a protective role. They should be put on lip balm with UV protection.
*Women in their forties should cover the breast

*Before going to a tanning bed Wash and dry skin. Very carefully use perfumes and deodorants, they can cause photo sensitivity skin and result in stains
*If the solarium feel weakness, heat, tingling skin, or any form of discomfort immediately get out of tanning beds.

*Ten hours after tanning should not use scrubs, lotions and alcoholic. Immediately after tanning slightly hydra skin.

*Manufacturers tanning advise that you first create a test deck, no more than four minutes to see how the skin reacts. Absolutely do not stay in a tanning bed more than 10 minutes, regardless of tan leather and natural way.

The solarium can go every two to three days, and if you want to keep the complexion, is enough to visit one week in length, 6:00 to 8:00 minutes. However, given the possibility of varicose veins, freckles and loss of elasticity, and the development of skin cancer that women now have 30 years and regularly visit tanning look in 10 years.

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