by: annie severide

region of texas in which they lived in

The Kiowas lived in the Great Plains.

type of food they made

The Kiowa Indians small game like birds and rabbits, wild potatoes, fruits, and nuts. But the Kiowas did not do much farming, corn was also apart of there diet.

how there food was obtained

They were buffalo hunters. Which would make them hunter gatherers.

type of dwelling they lived in

There shelter they lived in was a cone shaped tepee.

weapons and/or tools they used

They used a digging stick for plowing. They also used bows and arrows, and also spears, knives, and darts. The arrowheads were made of sharpened rock, and the spines of the prickly pear cactus were used as points on their darts.

special traditions they had and/or religion

Kiowa religion is based on a sacred power, a force that permeated the universe and could be found in spirits, objects, and places.

organization of leadership

Through most of the year, bands were largely independent. The Kiowa were politically unified under a head chief. A Kiowa Tribal Council, formed in 1969, represents Kiowa in health, education, and economic development.

where are they located now or what became of them

The Kiowa lived in and around the Texas panhandle. This includes western Oklahoma and northeast New Mexico.

unique facts and characteristics

  • Kiowa woman built her family's house and dragged the heavy posts with her whenever the tribe moved.
  • Storytelling is very important to the Kiowa Indian culture.