The Six Types of Energy

Learn about all sorts of types of energy!!!!!

Mechanical Energy

Mechanical Energy; This is energy used with motion and things like that. With mechanical energy you can throw a frisbee. Or maybe walk around the block. Maybe even dance/sing to your favorite song. These are examples of motion. And motion and mechanical energy are very similar.

Thermal Energy

Thermal energy is the energy to change temperature. More so to make heat than cold. An example of thermal energy is an oven. An oven can cook food. A microwave or a toaster can be used to heat up your food. These are examples of thermal energy.
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Electrical Energy

Electrical energy is energy that powers things up. Electrical power lines are used to power houses. They power street lights, and grocery stores, etc.. Power lines are forms of electrical energy. They use electricity to power things up. Lightning is another form of electrical energy. Lightning leaves burned spots where it strikes from electrical contact. That is why you don´t play with electrical things like wires.
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Chemical Energy

Chemical energy is very bad sometimes. It can be very deadly. If you drink the wrong type of chemicals it could lead to certain death. But there are some chemicals that are okay to endure. Your kool-aid for example needs chemicals. And that is not deadly. But things like Lysol are deadly. The chemicals in cleaning products are deadly. That is why you keep them AWAY from children. But some people are not careful enough. 40% of deaths today are caused by chemicals. So protect yourself. Don´t drink bad chemicals. Read the labeling before trying and ask a responsible adult if it´s okay.
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Nuclear Energy

Nuclear Energy is made in power plants. This can be deadly as well. Some nuclear energy is toxic. So you will want to stay away from it. Nuclear waste is very intoxicating. It looks like the nuclear fuel that first goes into the machine called the REACTOR. It looks like the fuel but since nuclear reactions have occurred their contents are not quite the same. This waste is radioactive. Meaning it can kill you. It could cause an explosion, if you inhale it can mess up you lungs, and if you taste it, (which is why it says keep away from children.) it´ll kill you on the spot. So be careful handling nuclear energy.
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Electromagnetic Energy

Electromagnetic energy. The sixth type of energy. It is also known as electromagnetic radiation. This is the radiant energy that is released by certain processes of the electromagnetic energy. There are many examples of this energy. The sun is one of them. Visible light is another type of electromagnetic energy. There are so many examples and not enough room to write them. :)
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