Group 16 Elements: Oxygen Family

Juan Mendoza, Rouson Ronda, Jakayla Moore

Elements In This Group

Oxygen (O)

Sulfur (S)

Selenium (Se)

Tellurium (Te)

Polonium (Po)


Atomic #: 8

Atomic Mass: 16 amu

Symbol: O

Uses: For humans to breathe and and plants to live; respiration.

Who Discovered It? Joseph Priestley

Valence Electrons: 6

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Atomic #: 16

Atomic Mass: 32 amu

Symbol: S

Uses: Production of sulfuric acid.

Who Discovered It? Unknown

Valence Electrons: 6

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Atomic #: 34

Atomic Mass: 79 amu

Symbol: Se

Uses: An additive to glass.

Who Discovered It? Jöns Jacob Berzelius

Valence Electrons: 6

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Atomic #: 52

Atomic Mass: 127 amu

Symbol: Te

Uses: Used with copper and stainless steel to improve their machinability.

Who Discovered It? Franz-Joseph Müller

Valence Electrons: 6

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Atomic #: 84

Atomic Mass: 209 amu

Symbol: Po

Uses: Produces a thin film on stainless steel.

Who Discovered It? Marie Curie

Valence Electrons: 6

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Pictures of Elements

What do all the elements in this group have in common?

They all have the same number of valence electrons, which is 6.