Internet Safety

Cyber Bullying

Bullying for "Fandoms"

I'm in many "Fandoms" Which is basically people on the internet who like a book, movie,show etc. and there are multiple websites we "Fangirl" on, most of which have many people who dislike "Fandoms" and whenever they see us post anything they call us things, typically not thought through,and some of these people in "Fandoms" suffer from depression and when they're bullied they might comit suicide, or cut themselves, but cyber bullying doesn't just happen to "Fangirls" I've heard of many facebook, and Twitter conversations in which one person constantly cyber bullies others, and the same outcome may happen. And, I wish that both me, and the others could just ignore their nonsense

Avoiding CyberBullying

Ways to avoid cyber-bullying would be to just ignore it (When its towards yourself) or if it is towards others stand up for them,and try to use good grammar and spelling because even though most cases of cyber-bullying I've dealt with the bully had horrible grammar/spelling they will pick out every flaw you have and turn that into an insult, also DON'T BE THE BULLY, even if you are just playing around if they show any sign of actually being hurt by your words stop,and comfort them, So basically Be nice, and don't care what people say about you especially online, These people cant effect your future because they didn't like your fangirlyness EMBRACE YOUR FANGIRLYNESS, Randomly internet dance around BECAUSE YOU WANT TO. WAVE YOUR ARMS LIKE A BIRD BECAUSE A NEW SEASON/BOOK IS COMING OUT. And even if you don't fangirl don't let anybody on the internet bully you, but if you are a bully forget all I just said and DON'T BULLY PEOPLE.