Electives at WMS

By: Raegan Benda


What is Yearbook? Yearbook is a class where students design, and create the yearbook. The purpose of Yearbook is , to help students collaborate and think together to create something everyone will love! Some great aspects of Yearbook are, you get to decide what to do, it improves artistic skills, helps you learn design technique, and it teaches you how to plan. Sometimes it is hard because there is strict deadlines and also because you have to take time out of your day to attend lots of school functions.

More Electives


Volleyball is a great sport, with a purpose of teaching teamwork and good sportsmanship. You should try-out because of the following: it helps you bond with your teammates, it gets you in good shape, you get a good dose of healthy competition, and you get to travel. Although it is very fun, there are minimal charges and you have to wake up early for practices.


Cheer is a very exciting activity, meant to teach teamwork and obviously, to cheer on our teams! Some great reasons to join are: it helps you become limber, it lets you bond with your teammates, you get to help WMS win, and spread school spirit! Since there are fees you have to pay, you participate in many fundraisers. Paying funds is definitely a downside, but I'm sure if you join, you will have a great time!

Musical Theatre

Musical Theatre is a great activity, where kids learn how to have fun learning how to put on a production. You learn basic dancing, acting, and singing skills. All while having a tone of fun! You have to buy small things for performances and have some practices after school, but in the end, all the hard work will pay off!


During art class, you learn how to improve your artistic skills. Some reasons to join is that all your impressive artwork is displayed throughout the school, you may get schools hips for college, it helps up your creativity level, and it is very fun! It does require hard work, since you have to draw things multiple times, until it looks perfect!