The Chopper Team

Edited by: Erin, Eli, Kailani, Alex, and Colby

Introduction Paragraph

We thank you for reading our Chopper Team newsletter. This newsletter is going to be about the army men who came and talked to us about a helicopter. Later on in the newspaper there will be an article on the LUH helicopter.

Mrs. Bullard's Section

I have a policy in my classroom related to toy- like items that students might keep in their desks. If a student is playing with it I will remind them one time to put it away until recess. If they continue to play with it I remove the toy and put it in my May Box. It stays there until May 2016. This policy is effective for keeping distractions to a minimum. Thank you! :)

Helicopter Arrives at Clear Creek Elementary!!!

By: Erin, and Kailani

The LUH Lakota Helicopter can be used to haul clothes, food, blankets, bandages, and other needed supplies. There is a storage unit in the back of the helicopter that holds the supplies while the LUH is flying.

A camera is at the front bottom of the helicopter that helps the pilots to help them find lost hikers, so that they can rescue them. A helicopter has an oval shape, like a giant egg. With four long blades on top about 4ft long each, and 3 tail fins, with the middle one having an extra propeller, this LUH Lakota can fly very fast and is very powerful.

The inside has 2 front seats, with a seat back to back with the passenger seat, and 1 middle seat with a T.V. connected to the camera on the outside ( earlier explained ). Also, there are 3 back seats for other passengers. The LUH Lakota has 2 slide doors on the sides , and levers all over the place. Maybe someday you will get to see a helicopter too!


Essential Question- Can reading change who we are?

We are beginning an in-depth study of characters in fiction!


We are doing a short unit on punctuation and grammar.


We are working on area and perimeter. This will help us get ready for multiplication.


We are studying earth including erosion, weathering, earthquakes, volcanoes, and floods.