Margen Shmargen Cleaning Service

"One call cleans it all."

Our cleaning service is superior!

All of our cleaners are United States Citizens. We use the most modern technology to clean your building. We clean parking garage's, auto shops, restaurants, and any other buildings. We will take whatever you can pay. "One call cleans it all."

Our products:

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Opening Hours

Monday-Friday 6am-12pm




Auto Shops- 90-$200.00

Restaurants- 150-$200.00

Houses- 90-$300.00

Businesses- 85-$250.00

Windows 30-$100.00

Cars- 50-$150.00


Warehouses- 300-$400.00

Roads-100-$500.00 (Varies on size)

Bridges- 50-$300.00

Stores are in the states listed: Pennsylvaniarr, Michigania, Ohiola, Floridia, Californ-I-a, Alaskaaaaahhh, and Hawaiiiiii, all States listed are in the country of The Un-united States of Glasko.

We are Margen Shmargen Cleaning Service!

Address: 516 West 27th Avenue Candy Land North Pole 17815

Phone: (333)-617-4444




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