Nottinghams Instructional Coach

Willing to go the extra mile to meet Teacher needs!

How can I as a Math Science Instructional Coach work with the staff to help meet their needs?

There are multiple layers to an instructional coach's job. The IC will ultimately be a support system for the campus. My goal as an IC would be to ensure that teachers are utilizing data and teaching with the right amount of rigor and passion to ensure that their students are receiving high quality instruction.

My organizational skills and keen eye to details will help me stay up to date with district, campus, and teacher needs. I promise to never quit learning and to instill my love of learning onto others. I will ensure that I am a useful resource within team meetings, to the administrative team, as well as to individual teachers that will come to me for support. My goal is to help support teachers in their journey of creating engaging life long learners through their every day lessons. This will be done through building positive relationships with the staff. I will make them feel supported and see that I am willing to do what is needed to help them. My enthusiasm, loyalty, and dedication will help NCE to continue to grow as a campus.