New Milford High School News Blast

February 2020

ALL GRADES: 2020-2021 NMHS Course Selection Kickoff

Freshmen, sophomore, and junior students began attending Course Selection Kickoff seminars during Advisory beginning on Monday, 2/3. Click on the button below to view the slideshow that School Counselors presented to students.

Here's a summary of what students need to know:

  • Students will use the portal to view their teacher recommendations & select their courses.
  • If students have not accessed their STUDENT portal account to date, they received an email with their user ID and instructions on how to access it. If students logged in previously but do not remember username/password, they should email their counselor. (Please note: Students must use their student portal account in order to sign up for classes. It is not available through a parent’s account.)
  • If students want to take a course different than what was recommended, they must pick up a waiver form from the counseling office and submit it to their counselor before the change can be made. Students in grades 9, 10, and 11 will meet with their counselor individually in advisory. Junior parents will be invited to attend small group sessions to review planning for senior year.
  • To plan for their meetings, students should review the Program of Studies available on our school’s website, under Guidance Department on the left hand side, scroll to the bottom where you’ll see Program of Studies. They should take a look at course prerequisites and if a course requires a teacher recommendation. Students should also choose backups for their first choice of electives.

JUNIORS & PARENTS: Info Sessions

The School Counselors are looking forward to working with you on planning for your student's senior year and post-high school planning. In addition to individual sessions with students during the day, we will be holding group sessions to provide juniors and their parents with information on selecting courses for senior year, credit requirements, getting started on the college search process, etc. While these informational sessions focus on course selection and college preparation, there will be additional sessions held in the spring designed for career readiness and post-secondary options.

If interested in attending one of the sessions listed below, please email Tracey Salvatore our Counseling Secretary at and let her know which session you'll attend. More information on spring sessions will be sent at a later date.

NMHS Theater, Thursday, March 12th

  • 2:00 to 3:00 pm
  • 4:00 to 5:00 pm
  • 5:30 to 6:30 pm

SENIORs: Apply to CCSU for FREE in February

PRESS RELEASE: Thanks to the generosity of Central Connecticut State University's alumni and donor community, all application fees will be waived for new applicants in the month of February! Through their "Have a Heart" campaign, CCSU is raising money to ensure all students who are interested in applying to CCSU can do so without worrying about paying the $50.00 application fee. Students may apply through the Common Application or the CollegeNet application, both found on their website at

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Green Wave Robotics Team Competes at Weston Competition

The Green Wave Robotics Team was one of 63 high school teams to compete at the VEX Robotics Competition Tower Takeover event hosted by Weston High School on Saturday, 2/1. While Masuk took first place at the competition, it was a very successful event for the NMHS team in this particular STEM arena. The Green Wave is brand new to the robotics tournament circuit, so having won a match at their first competition is pretty impressive. The tournament was also significant experientially for the rookie team, teaching what to expect at this level of competition in terms of robot design and build, and the importance of factors such as robot agility and durability, as well as the human component of collaboration with team members and alliances.

Like most robotics competitions, the VEX event day begins early. Following team check-in, inspection begins, and robot operators are required to attend a drivers meeting. Adult advisers to the team are only permitted to interact with the team in the 'pit area', so on the competition field, it's up to high school students to strategize, problem solve, qualify, and successfully complete the competition challenge matches all on their own. Winning teams move on to alliance selection and elimination rounds. The event closes with an awards ceremony recognizing the tournament champions, but also rewards teams for attributes such as innovative robot design, outstanding team spirit, and sportsmanship, to name just a few. To learn more about VEX robotics, visit their website. To find out how to become part of the NMHS Robotics Team and the Technology Student Association (TSA) contact NMHS Tech Ed teacher Jim Wilson at, or visit Mr. Wilson in room 1508.

SENIORS: The Local Scholarship List is GROWING!

Last year, members of the NMHS Class of 2019 received over $266,000 in scholarships from sponsors right here in our amazing community. Class of 2020 students can now apply for the same awards in Naviance. Read the NMHS Scholarship Instructions and Procedures by clicking the button below to find out how it works. Then, click on the growing Local & Regional Scholarship List. Starting on 2/15, seniors will also be able to apply for multiple scholarships using just one application, the NMHS Common App for scholarships. Heads up, though - Mrs. Shaffer will be sending scholarship updates almost exclusively through REMIND texts. Sign up information can be found below.

PARENTS: "Anxiety - How We Can Help Our Kids" Seminar 2/26

"Anxiety - How We Can Help Our Kids" with speaker Dr. Anna Allmann will be offered at Sarah Noble Intermediate School, Library Media Center on Wednesday, 2/26 at 6:30pm.

Event details can be viewed by clicking the following link: Anxiety - How Can We Help Our Kids

Please RSVP to Linda Morse, Secretary Pupil Personnel at or 860-354-2654 x4. Child Care is available. Please indicate how many children when you RSVP.

Workshop for Parents of IEP and 504 Students 3/19

Parents of students who receive Special Education services or have a 504 Accommodation Plan are invited to attend a workshop run by Western Connecticut State University’s AccessAbility Services Office on Thursday, 3/19 at 6:00 p.m. in the NMHS Lecture Hall.

The program, offered by the NMHS School Counseling and Special Education Departments, is aimed at assisting parents in planning for their child's next steps and raising awareness of services available at the post secondary level. The college process can be overwhelming for any family, which is why we would like to alleviate some of that stress and help to answer questions parents may have when it comes to supporting their child in the next phase of their educational journey.

Topics covered at the workshop are as follows:

  • Preparing for college
  • Differences between accommodations offered in high school and college
  • Classroom, housing and campus accommodations
  • Support Services offered at WCSU
  • Procedures and policies for requesting accommodations and services
  • Tips for parents to assist students in making a smooth transition to college

Western Connecticut State University is just one of many colleges and every school may offer a wide variety of services to students, which make it important to know how this process works. Even if WCSU is not currently on your child’s list of schools they wish to apply to, we encourage you attend the workshop to be aware of services that exist. The workshop will help you explore what types of questions you may want to ask the schools that your son or daughter wishes to apply to, and help facilitate the process of transitioning to college. Please RSVP to this event by February 28th by emailing the school counseling secretary, Tracey Salvatore, at


Khan Academy, in conjunction with College Board, is offering free customized SAT prep based on a student's performance on the PSAT. Generated SAT practice is tailored specifically to focus on those areas in which the student requires the most practice. Click on the button below to find out more information!

February Events at the Observatory

The John J. McCarthy Observatory is hosting its monthly Second Saturday Stars Open House on Saturday, 2/8 from 7:00pm to 9:00 pm. This month’s topic is The Real North Star. The presentation will discuss Polaris, our current North Star, and how changes in Earth’s axis and orbit affect whether we have a North Star or not. Over thousands of years our axis “wobbles” which changes where our North Pole points in space. For example, the Pyramids of Ancient Egypt are aligned with a different star called Thuban which was the North Star at the time they were built. Also this month, JJMO is collaborating with Mrs. Taylor in the music department. The upcoming chorus concert on 2/28 will feature a slideshow of astronomical images taken at the observatory. To learn more about February events at the observatory, visit or see Mrs. Ragonnet in Room 3303.


The 2020 Grad Party Committee is hosting a fundraising event on Friday, 2/21! Click here to find out more about this fun evening planned by the committee, just for parents!

They also invite you to join them at their monthly planning meeting (which are usually held on the first Thursday of each month at 7:00 pm in the teacher’s lounge at NMHS). The February meeting, however, will be on 2/13. Volunteers are always welcome!!! For more information about the schedule of meetings for the 2019-2020 school year, upcoming events, fundraising, and other ways you can help, please visit their website at

Naugatuck Valley Community College Field Trip 3/10

Cybersecurity, Art, Engineering, Biological Sciences, Digital Arts - these are just a handful of the dozens of degree programs offered at Naugatuck Valley Community College. Seniors and juniors can join Mrs. Moriarty on a field trip to tour the Danbury and Waterbury campuses of Naugatuck Valley Community College on Tuesday, 3/10 (snow date 3/26). Learn about the amazing educational opportunities right here, close to New Milford, where a savvy high school graduate could save a ton of money on college tuition. NVCC also offers an extensive list of workforce training programs in addition to traditional college courses. Click here to see a list of all of the degree and career training programs offered at NVCC. The field trip, offered at no cost to students, departs NMHS as 7:35 am, and returns by 2:00 pm. Students can bring lunch or purchase lunch in the NVCC cafeteria. Visit the NMHS Career Center for a field trip permission slip and to sign up. First preference is given to upperclassmen. Permission slips are due by Wednesday, 3/19.

Lincoln Technical Institute Field Trips 3/18 & 3/19

Shelton Campus Field Trip 3/18

Join the NMHS School Counseling and Tech Ed Departments on a field trip on Wednesday, 3/18 to Lincoln Tech in Shelton. Students will depart NMHS at 9:15 am, tour the Shelton LTI campus, observe a culinary demonstration, and enjoy a free lunch prepared by LTI faculty chefs - all offered at no cost to students. Students will return to NMHS at 2:00 pm. The following career training program areas are offered at Lincoln's Shelton campus:

East Windsor Campus Field Trip 3/19

Students are invited to join the NMHS School Counseling and Tech Ed Department field trip on Thursday, 3/19 to explore career training at the Lincoln Tech East Windsor campus. Students will depart NMHS at 7:45 am. Following a tour of the LTI East Windsor campus, students will enjoy a free lunch compliments of LTI. The field trip, offered at no cost to students, will return to NMHS at 2:00 pm. The following program areas are offered at Lincoln's East Windsor campus:

Visit the NMHS Career Center for a field trip permission slip and to sign up. First preference is given to upperclassmen. Field trip permission slips are due by 3/5.

Universal Technical Institute Automotive Field Trip 4/7

Join us on an Automotive & Diesel Career Field Trip on Tuesday, 4/7 to the Penske Autogroup Service Center (Mercedes-Benz, Porsche, and Audi in Fairfield, CT) to explore career opportunities and training as an Automotive Technician. Sponsored by Universal Tech, the field trip departs from NMHS at 8:00 am and is offered at no cost to students. UTI will also provide students with a free lunch, and return to NMHS by 1:30 pm. Field trip permission slips are due by 3/24.

Porter & Chester Institute Field Trip 4/8

Join Mr. Wilson and the School Counseling Department for a field trip to Porter & Chester Institute's Waterbury campus on Wednesday, 4/8 to explore career training in the fields listed below. The field trip, offered at no cost to students, departs NMHS at 7:45 am and returns at 12:00 pm (students will return in time to have lunch here at school, then be able to attend their 4th period class). Visit the NMHS Career Center for a field trip permission slip and to sign up. First preference is given to upperclassmen. Field trip permission slips are due by 3/25.

The following program areas are offered at PCI's Waterbury campus:

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Part II (Continued from our January Issue)

Last month, 2017 NMHS graduate Tori Seiden visited the Career Center to share her experience with AmeriCorps NCCC, a team-based community service program for people ages 18-24. Tori had just completed her first of three assignments with AmeriCorps National Civilian Community Corps, serving communities in her assigned U.S. Pacific Northwest region. You can read about the gap year program and Tori's first assignment in our January issue of the NMHS E-News Blast.

Fast forward one month and our alum spotlight is still working tirelessly to serve her country through AmeriCorps NCCC program. Having arrived in Santa Cruz in early January, her and her team of 12 got right to work. Throughout the past month, they have worked to remove invasive species such as ivy, vinca, and blackberry on four different work sites including nature trails, local libraries, parks, and even beaches! Tori is also one of three on her team that has been chosen to help draft a curriculum to be taught in grades 3-5 about planting native gardens to attract more monarch butterflies, which will in turn bring back more native animals and insects, and allow for the community to be sustainable through climate change.

Outside of work, Tori and her AmeriCorps team have completed over 400 hours of physical training ranging from yoga to circuits to playing Just Dance on the Wii. They’ve also participated in 16 hours of volunteer work outside of their assigned project with various non-profits such as Habitat for Humanity and the Homeless Garden Project, an organization that uses their gardens to teach people experiencing homelessness about gardening, composting, and other environmental efforts as a transitional program into the workforce. To learn more about AmeriCorps NCCC and the other programs available to young adults, visit their website. To follow Tori’s NCCC journey, follow her on Instagram at 'toringtheusa' or click on the button below.

ALL STUDENTS: Career Bound Instead of College Bound?

Click on the button below to visit our NMHS Career Exploration Bulletin for information about upcoming events/offerings for students interested in career training, rather than a traditional college education.

2020 AP Exam Information Now Available

Click on the button below for a checklist to help AP students get ready for exam day and to find out more information about the 2020 AP Exam Schedule, as well as test security and administration policies.

SENIORS & JUNIORS: Naviance Video Tutorials Available

Click on the button below to peruse the NMHS showcase of how-to videos and learn how to navigate another Naviance task in three minutes or less.

SENIORS: Workshops for College Planning

Senior Workshops are offered every A-day during Advisory in the College & Career Center. For help with:

  • College Applications
  • Naviance
  • College/Career Search
  • Requesting Letters of Recommendation

See Mrs. Shaffer to sign up.

SENIORS: College Essay Assistance

Literacy Volunteers of New Milford continue to be available to assist our seniors with college essay writing. Complete this parental permission form and return it to Mrs. Shaffer in the Career Center in order to set up an appointment to work with a volunteer.

SENIORS: Sign Up for REMIND Updates

Be in the know and get the latest information about admission rep visits, college deadlines, local scholarships, college/career field trips, Instant Decision Days, workshops, and so much more! Sign up for REMIND text updates from the Career Center. Click on the button for instructions on how to register.

ALL GRADES: Upcoming SAT & ACT Test Dates

On March 25th, all junior students will be participating in the Connecticut SAT School Day here at NMHS. However, any student (not just juniors!) can register online to take the SAT and/or to take the ACT throughout the year - as many times as you choose. Additional testing dates are listed below. Like anything else, the more you practice, the better you'll get!
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SENIORS & Parents: FAFSA Resources

Beginning Oct. 1st of this year, college-bound NMHS seniors are able to apply for financial aid for fall 2020 and spring 2021 semesters by completing the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) using your 2018 tax information. Click on this link to file your FAFSA, or, use one of the resources listed below.


Southern Connecticut State University's Office of Student Financial Literacy & Advising run by Lewis DeLuca, M. Ed., is rated as one of the top ten financial literacy programs in the country among Stanford, Duke, and other distinguished universities. Mr. DeLuca is available Monday through Friday 8:00 am - 4:00 pm on the SCSU campus to meet and discuss paying for college and financial literacy needs with any Connecticut student/family, regardless of SCSU application. For appointments, contact Mr. DeLuca at

Additional online FAFSA resources:

Parent Guide to the FAFSA

FAFSA Basics: Parent Income

FAFSA Basics: Parent Assets

Net Price vs. Cost of College: Huge differences

How Can You Afford College from NPR

4 Things About Money Not Learned in School

What's Happening at NMHS in February?

Tue., 2/4 - V Boys Basketball vs. Weston @ NMHS - 7:00 pm

Tue., 2/4 - V Girls Gymnastics vs. Norwalk, Staples @ NMHS - 5:00 pm

Wed., 2/5 - V Ice Hockey vs. Byram Hills @ Canterbury Rink - 7:00 pm

Wed., 2/5 - V Wrestling vs. Newtown @ NMHS - 6:00 pm

Thu., 2/6 - V Girls Gymnastics vs. Newtown, Nonnewaug, Pomperaug @ NMHS - 5:00 pm

Fri., 2/7 - V Girls Basketball vs. Newtown @ NMHS - 7:00 pm

Sat., 2/8 - Snowball Dance - Arena - 7:00-10:00 pm

Tue., 2/11 - V Boys Swimming & Diving vs. Barlow/Bethel @ Canterbury Pool - 7:00 pm

Tue., 2/11 - V Girls Basketball vs. New Fairfield @ NMHS - 7:00 pm

Tue., 2/11 - V Boys Basketball @ New Fairfield - 7:00 pm

Thu., 2/13 - V Girls Gymnastics - SWC Gymnastics Championships @ NMHS - 5:00 pm

Thu., 2/13 - String Fest Concert - NMHS Theatre - 7:00 pm

Fri., 2/14 - V Boys Basketball vs. Bunnell @ NMHS -7:00 pm

Sat. 2/15 - Band Winter Home Show @ NMHS Arena - 5:00 pm

Mon., 2/17 - V Boys Ice Hockey vs. Staples @ Canterbury Ice Rink - 7:45 pm

Tue., 2/18 - V Boys Basketball vs. Notre Dame-Fairfield @ NMHS - 7:00 pm

Thu., 2/20 - V Girls Gymnastics vs. Wilton @ NMHS - 5:00 pm

Thur., 2/27 - Chorus/Jazz Concert - NMHS Theatre - 7:00 pm

Important Dates to Remember

No School

2/17 - 2/18 Winter Recess

Activity Day



3/11 - 2:30-4:30 pm

3/12 - 1:00-8:00 pm

SAT Administered in School

3/25 - CT SAT School Day - for all NMHS Juniors

College Planning Night for Juniors

4/1 - 7:00 pm, NMHS Theater

3rd Quarter Ends

4/2 (pending snow days)

4th Quarter Begins

4/3 (pending snow days)

AP Exams

5/4 - 5/15

College Visits for SENIORS and JUNIORS

Admissions Reps from the following colleges and universities will be visiting the College & Career Center this winter. Visit Naviance online to register to meet with a Rep, and/or check for additions and/or changes to the schedule.

Tue., 2/11 - St. Bonaventure University - 8:30 am

Wed., 2/26 - Albertus Magnus College - 10:00 am

Mon., 3/30 - New Jersey Institute of Technology - 9:00 am

Mon., 3/30 - Binghamton University - 11:30 am

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2019 - 2020 Clubs & Activities at NMHS

Find out about all of the exciting opportunities available to NMHS students for the 2019 - 2020 school year. Click on the button below for the Clubs & Activities List.

NMHS Jobs Board is Now Online!

Employment opportunities for students can now be found online at, or by clicking on the button below. Looking to make some coin? Check it out!