"Barker is barking mad at tea."

Penelope Barker

The most valuable women in the Revolutionary War? VOTE PENELOPE!

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Brave, Determined, and Powerful are words that describe Penelope Barker

Why vote for her?

  • Determined to make the world a better place
  • Brave enough to stand up against Britain
  • Encourages others to follow in her footsteps

What She Was Known For

  • Didn't like the Tea Act of 1773
  • Thought the British took the Tea Act too far
  • Held the Edenton Tea Party
  • Told England the women were ready to make a stand


  • Married three times
  • First time to her brother - in - law, John Hodges
  • Second time to James Craven; a local planter and politician
  • Got all of her husbands money after he died
  • Became the richest person in North Carolina
  • Third time married was to Thomas Barker; a prominent lawyer


  • Became a mother as a teenager
  • Took care of her sister's kids when she died
  • Had four children when she married for her second time
  • Had three children with her third husband
  • Three children of theirs died before their first birthdays


  • Died in 1796 at age 66

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By: Haley, Andrew, and Miranda