Spotlight on 2nd Grade!

Mrs. Dawdy's Class

Week of April 25 - April 29

Hello Parents!

Please read the sections below to see what's going on in the life of our class!

Working with Words

The students will be focusing on “all” (such as ball), “ow” (such as show) and “ool” (such as stool) sounds this week. There will be a spelling test on Friday. These words will be on the test: wouldn’t, shouldn’t, couldn’t, doesn’t, wasn’t.


The students will be reading Truman’s Aunt Farm. While reading this book they will work on the skill of homophones as well as how characters respond to major events (cause/effect). They will take a test over cause/effect on Friday.


The stars will continue learning more about shapes this week. They will learn more about 3-D shapes as well as creating and dividing shapes. After their test, they will dive more into shapes, fractions, and time.


The students will continue Narrative writing this week. This week we will focus on examining author’s purpose as well as editing and revising their stories. In grammar, we will be working on homophones.


· We have our annual Family Fun and Fitness Night on Thursday! Join us from 5-6:30 for an evening of fun fitness activities! Come find me in the Zumba room!

· We will have our STEM Fair at the JCMS on April 29th and 30th. You can come see the Second Grade project from 6 pm-8 pm on the 29th. On the 30th, there will also be an open viewing from 9 am-1pm at JCMS. Come support our class and see our project!

· Drops in the Bucket and Reading Logs will be due on Friday.