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Freeze Focus of the Week: Story-telling & Reflection

We've been hard at work these last few days! In accordance with our reading and writing curriculum, students have been assigned to create their own stories using visual creativity and asked to re-tell them to a partner. As a class, we acted out a story that had been read out loud, and used the technique, Pause/Play (I call out pause and they decide the next scene, thus play), to have them re-enact the plot. Through these interactive practices, your child is developing and strengthening their skills in reflection and critical thinking, identifying context clues. Below are some pictures of our little inventors!

Our Trip to the Green House!

DON'T FORGET: Open House!

Tuesday, Nov. 12th, 5:30-8pm

Newberry Elementary School, 3333 Oak Main Ln, Houston, TX

Don't forget to drop by to our next open house! All parents and family members are welcome and encouraged to come and take a peek at our improvements in the classroom. I will be more than happy to answer any questions, concerns or inquiries about your child, the classroom/surroundings, or the latest events we have planned! There will be refreshments and light snacks.

Speaking of SCIENCE

This week: Recycling our Resources

Students learned about the recycling process and the benefits to our planet!

What you can do: When disposing of things, whether it be paper, plastic, cans/bottles, ask your child where they think it goes and how to separate them correctly. If your community provides a recycling resource, ask them to help you keep the Earth clean!

The Path to Math

This week: We are using spider counters on our math webs (dry erase boards) to count up to 10 and identify the value of each number.

How you can help: Play a game of eye spy with your child. Look around the house and find things that have a value of 10.

Next Week's Agenda

Reading/Language Arts: Learning Syllables, What are they? How many are in each word?

Math: Geometric Shapes, How many sides? What makes up each shape?

Science: Weather

P.S PARENTS: As the temperatures start to drop, students will still be outside for recess. So remember to pack an extra jacket/clothing for your little one!

Music in the Morning!

As you know, every morning our class begins the day with some fun and educational tunes! I change and add a new song every week. This week I chose "5 Little Ducks". It's a great nursery rhyme and helps the student out with their counting skills. The version we sing is linked below!

Five Little Ducks - Spring Songs for Children - Nursery Rhymes - By The Learning Station

Mrs. Alsayed

This is my first year teaching Pre-Kindergarten at Newberry Elementary and I'm beyond ecstatic to share it with all of you!