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By,Colin Moore


This year in science I learned about atoms. The atomic number is equivalent to the number of protons within an atom. Neutrons and protons are in the nucleus. Protons and neurons both weigh 1 AMU. Electrons weigh only 0 AMU. Electrons are attracted to protons but neutrons push them away. Electrons circle the nucleus in an unorganized pattern. Atoms are the basic building blocks of cells. Atoms are so small that not even a microscope can see them.

Elective- Athletics

Athletics is where we play sports like football, basketball, track, soccer, etc.

Athletics are a good way to improve your athletic abilities.

You can try a variety of different types of sports.

School Lockers

Reasons to have lockers

1- Its easier to stay organized.

2- Less chance or loosing or forgetting supplies.

3- Be more prepared for class. Like storing pencils and pens in our lockers.

4- Wouldn't be late because we'd already have our stuff there and not having to re-pack it every night.

5-dint have to carry everything around all day.

If I were a teacher

If I were a teacher I would do a lot of activities with my students, and take fun tests with funny questions and answers, they would be aloud to use their notes. I would be serious with my students at times like when they really need to learn something I'd make them take notes and do a fun project or speech, and at the end of the lesson I would give them a test over it.

Why I couldn't live without my technology

I couldn't live without my technology because we use it in everyday life. I need my technology for school and work.


I can research requirements for classes. I use reminders so I don't forget about upcoming tests and quizzes. We can use it for projects and homework. You can use technology for reading and writing.

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