Nancy Ryles Elementary Newsletter ~ SEPTEMBER 25, 2020


Dear Nancy Ryles Families,

Thank you for taking time out of your schedule this week to learn more about what is happening in your child’s classroom by engaging in Virtual Back to School. We hope that you found these presentations informative and helpful. There will be a few more optional question and answer sessions next week. Please refer to the information sent out on Wednesday for the days, times and Zoom links for the sessions.

We continue to work through technology challenges across the District. An upgrade took place last weekend to increase Zoom security, which caused problems for some Zoom sessions this week. IT has reversed the changes and will continue to investigate how to secure Zoom class sessions while minimizing disruption to the server. Thank you for your patience with technology glitches.

We have seen an incredibly high level of student engagement with Comprehensive Distance Learning (CDL). What a huge celebration! We know that, at times, parents may need to help get students onto their digital platforms, but once they are on, we love seeing students engage independently in their classes. It’s okay if they make a mistake or say something that you wish would have been different. We encourage students to take ownership of their learning and to be courageous in making mistakes, because that is how they grow.

Congratulations for making it through the first two weeks of CDL. We are all learning this new format together and strive for each week to be a little smoother than the last.

Have a wonderful weekend,

Monica Arbow



CDL - Comprehensive Distance Learning

Synchronous - students have live contact with their teacher (via Zoom).

Asynchronous - students access pre-recorded lectures and digital curriculum materials and respond through Seesaw and other collaborative documents at a time of their own choosing.


While teachers may share their weekly schedule in advance, they may not be posting all Seesaw lessons before they have had a chance to teach them. Teachers will be adding lessons to Seesaw after they have had a chance to teach about the topic. It's just like in the classroom. A teacher teaches a mini lesson and then students get to go and practice that through an activity. For this reason, you will not be able to request Seesaw lessons ahead of time. Thank you for understanding.


Nancy Ryles' Scholastic Book Fair is online this year. Every purchase supports our school.

The online fair is Friday, October 2 - Thursday, October 15.

All orders will ship directly to your home!

The link will be live on October 2:


That's right! All K-2 families are welcome to join Mrs. Malin & Mrs. Osborne for a story each day during breakfast from 8:10-8:25 a.m. This is just for fun, but we promise to read some really good books.

The Zoom link was sent in a separate email to kindergarten, 1st and 2nd grade families.

If you need the link, please call the office at 503-356-2400.


LIBRARY TO GO is every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday from 11:00 a.m. - 12:00 p.m.

We are so excited to check out books to our students!

Please review the Nancy Ryles Library To Go for instructions and information.



The Beaverton City Library will be at Nancy Ryles on Tuesday, September 29 from 11:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. to give away free books! While you're here, you can also pick up free lunch for Beaverton School District students and check out books from Nancy Ryles Library To Go!

Free Books from Beaverton City Library Flyer


Parents, guardians, community members, teachers, students and administrators are encouraged to apply to serve on the Beaverton School District Social Studies Project Team. The Social Studies Project Team will review existing Social Studies curriculum and practices to make curriculum adoption recommendations to the School Board. The Project Team is an important part of the BSD Quality Curriculum Cycle (QCC), which provides a systematic means for making decisions about the BSD curriculum review, revision, development, and adoption of practices and instructional resources.

The Project Team’s work will begin on October 20 and will conclude by June 2021. The team will meet on the following weekday evenings from 4:30 to 6:30 p.m. via Zoom (unless otherwise communicated): October 20, November 17, January 5, February 16, March 30, April 27 and May 25.

The Project Team and supporting BSD Teacher Cadre will be charged with the following goals:

● Researching best practices and instructional materials to be considered for possible adoption in Social Studies

● Articulating and supporting long-term academic learning targets and assessments in Social Studies

● Recommending professional development and structures for ongoing professional learning

● Participating in learning opportunities in the form of readings, discussion and trainings related to culturally relevant teaching practices

These goals are aligned with Oregon Social Sciences Standards as well as Multicultural Studies and Ethnic Studies Standards (draft)

The District reviews and updates its curriculum, instructional practices and classroom materials according to Board policy and Oregon State Statute and Administrative Regulations.

Membership for the Social Studies Project Team will include:

● Elementary classroom teachers (4)

● Middle school classroom teachers (2)

● High school classroom teachers (2)

● Students (4)

● Parent/Community members (4)

● School administrators (2 elementary, 1 middle school, 1 high school) (4)

● Social Studies specialists (1 elementary, 1 secondary) (2)

● Teaching Specialists, including but not limited to special education, multilingual, dual-language, advanced program and additional content area specialists (6)

● School Board representative (1)

Please note that membership roles/numbers are subject to change based on applications received.

Google Form and/or email submissions are due on Monday, October 5 by 4 p.m.

Applications should include the following information:

  1. Students: Name, address, school and grade level, plus any special training or experience in Social Studies.

  2. Parents/Community members: Name, address, ages of children and schools where enrolled (if applicable), plus any special training or experience in Social Studies.

  3. Teachers & Administrators: Name, address, teaching experience and current assignment.

All: Respond to the following questions/prompts: (please limit your response to no more than one typed page)

  1. Why do you want to serve on the Social Studies Project Team and what contributions will you make towards its goals?

  2. Please describe your personal/professional experiences with educational equity work, and your commitment to educational equity in the realm of Social Studies education. (Educational Equity Policy, BSD Equity Lens)

  3. What unique skills, perspective and voice will you contribute to ensure an inclusive and socially just Social Studies education for all of our students?

Please complete the appropriate online application form here:

  1. Students

  2. Parent/Community members

  3. Teachers & Administrators

Or mail your application including all information listed above to:

Beaverton School District

Teaching and Learning

Attn: Susan Ouellette

16550 SW Merlo Rd.

Beaverton, OR 97003

For questions or additional information, please contact


Join students and families from around the world as you walk or roll in your neighborhood on October 7. (Please remember to stay 6 feet from those not in your household and wear a mask.) All community members are welcome to participate. Use the link to fill out the google form for each person that joined you on your trip. (BSD students may include name and student ID number for a prize entry). This year students can earn things like flashing safety lights, reflective shoelaces and new bike helmets. Schools with the most participation will also earn a Safe Routes to School book bundle for their school library. Finally, celebrate International Walk + Roll Day with our Beaverton community by visiting our Facebook page @BeavertonSafeRoutes to share a photo of you with a sign telling us why you love to walk, bike, scooter or skate! (Use the hashtag #BSDtogether)

Google Form Link:

NRCO (Nancy Ryles Community Organization)

Keep informed about our parent/community group, the NRCO (Nancy Ryles Community Organization).

Follow the NRCO:

On Facebook at:

On Instagram at. NancyRylesNRCO

NRCO meetings will be be posted in the Croc Talk and on the NRCO's Facebook and Instagram.

Free Meals for Kids graphic


Anticipating that all students will get a district-owned device (either Chromebook or iPad), the District added a fee of $20 to students’ Online Payment accounts (maximum fee of $60 per family per school year) to enroll them in the Damage-Loss Protection Program. This fee is waived for families who qualify for the free or reduced-price meal benefits program and have completed the Permission to Share form. Students need to pay the assigned fee prior to any damage or loss claims to be eligible for the Protection Program coverage and no later than 30 days after they begin school.

Students may choose to decline coverage. However, doing so isn't recommended, because a family would then assume full responsibility for any costs due to damage, loss or theft. These costs could be as much as $300 per incident, regardless of how the damage occurs.

Visit the Student Device Resources webpage for more information.


Could your child qualify for free meals? Please fill out the Free and Reduced Meal application online. Applications are also available in Spanish. If you’re unable to access the application online, call 503-356-3957.


Families have inquired about the school supply list. As we begin the school year with Comprehensive Distance Learning, here is a suggested list of school supplies:

  • Earbuds, preferably with microphone
  • Pencils and pens
  • Spiral notebooks or composition books
  • Colored Markers
  • Glue stick
  • Small dry-erase board with dry-erase marker

If you need assistance with these supplies, please submit this form.

BSD WEEKLY - District Newsletter for Families

For more information from the Beaverton School District, please read the BSD Weekly.
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