Turning point Final Exam

Miranda Hefner

The 19th Amendment (1920)


During the 1900's women did not have the right to much of anything. They could only do as their husbands said. Not being able to vote on what they believed was best for the country and what was not. After much fighting and suffering the women came together.They put together marches and standings and anything they could think of so that they could maybe get some attention. They finally did. They brought attention to themselves and caused great chaos. They conformed together to create The 19th amendment. This allowing women to vote.

Alice Paul

Alice Paul was one of the major people to gain the right to vote for women. She Was in the NAWSA ( national american Women's suffrage association, but later formed the NWP ( national women's party). She was one of the women jailed for her fights for suffrage for women and she was a prominent leader in the move toward women's right to vote.

Lucretia Mott

When Lucretia Mott first became an activist it was not for women but for slavery. She did not want anything to do with it and was against it completely. Later she joined The women's suffrage movement and was one of the most important leaders in it. Lucretia was the voice for many women and she helped them gain the 19th amendment!

Jamestown(1607) Roanoke(1585)


Before we were all here, we had to start from somewhere. In the early 1500's the Spanish had found new land full of resources, gold, and iron ore. They gained many riches by scouting the land and killing anyone in the way of their fortune. Although there were risks, some few and brave English civilians, came to the new america in search of riches and a new life. After Roanoke failed and everyone was lost, in 1607 they came back but this time, With a better plan, this is where America started and this is the story of how it happened.

John White

John White was the governor of the first settlement in America. He governed the Roanoke colony and it's people. Although some say that John white caused some digression, he also caused some great things. He made good relations with the Indians and went back for supplies, but after all of that, he came back to a tree carved with the words "Cro" but no people.

John Rolfe

Not coming into the story until later because he was trapped on an Island John Rolfe, was considered the savior of Jamestown! He had found Spanish Tobacco. This was in the perfect place to grow, the weather mild and able to grow many tobacco plants and send shipments back to England to gain money they originally went for.

1968 (..1968..)


One of the most outstanding and astonishing years of America was 1960's but most importantly 1968. Here we were in war for communism but losing terribly. This would be the first time anyone saw the real outcome of wars, the young people began counter culture and didn't conform to anything that ANYONE said. their were riots, assassinations, marches, and almost anything you could think of. This year changed America even still today.

Tommie Smith

During the 1968 Olympics, Tommie smith and his Ally in the games both won medals. They were the first black people to win in an Olympic game. They held their fists up to show "black power" and they were hated for it. To Many Americans this was a disgrace but to many of the counterculture they were applauded and thankful for what they had done!

Martin Luther king jr.

King was a prominent leader in the civil rights movement. He not only created the SCLC that joined together through religion and made history, but he also started the boycott of the buses after Rosa parks was arrested for not moving. King was hated by many because of his skin color, but also loved by more. King was Assassinated in 1968, which caused several violent outbreaks.


Monday, Jan. 1st 1968 at 9-11pm


I believe that this was the most important event because of the great change that it caused for everyone. The war showed people what was really happening and the civil leaders who changed the government and how people began to see things. After this black people began to go to school, and were beginning to be treated as they should be, as equal. The counter culture, changed how we saw teenagers and what they did. The elections changed the way the american government worked and the how the people voted.