Types of Mining

Prepare for your Mined to be blown! ;)

Surface: Strip, Open pit, Mountain top removal. Surface mining takes place on the surface.

Subsurface: Slope, Drift, Shaft. Underground. Deep.

Surface Mining:
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Subsurface mining:
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Mining in strips.
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Open Pit

Mining downwards in a spiral.
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Mountain top removal

removing the top of a mountain through explosives or drills.
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Digging down at a slope.
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Mining while in a minecart drifting.
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Mining tunnels named a mine shaft.
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The process of Drilling and injecting liquid into the ground at high pressure to inflict fractures to release natural gas.

Effects on the Envi: Releases Greenhouse gases. Breaks ground.

How it is done: Carried by truck to a facility, then process, the heated up, then the steam turns turbines, and electricity is generated.