Mrs. Cayo and Room 145 Overview

Everything you need to know about 5th grade


8:30 Arrival and morning routine

8:45 Morning Meeting

9:05 Mathematics

10:15 Specials

11:05 Science

12:10 Read aloud

12:25 Recess 12:40 Lunch

1:05 Core instruction in literacy

1:30 Small Group Instruction in literacy/social st.

2:40 End of Day Routine

Homework and General Expectations

Responsible and Respectful

Homework is due the day after it is assigned for math and literacy. Vocabulary tests are always on Friday. Two day notice will be given for all other tests. Two or more weeks notice will be given for projects and reports. Late work will be accepted but will be marked late. It is my goal to help your students become responsible for themselves, you can help with this by having them refer to their planners/iPads for nightly assignments and upcoming events.

Respect of themselves, their classmates, school mates and all adults is my number one expectation of the students.

How to contact me:

Communication is important to the teacher-parent- student relationship. I will email out a newsletter twice a month. Your child will record nightly homework and upcoming events on their iPads. Email is the best way to get in touch with me, but realize that I am with the students or preparing for their learning while school is in session.