The Presidency of Andrew Jackson

Jackson's Inauguration

Andrew Jackson was sworn into office. It was a huge party, with people from all social classes in attendance. It was a very upbeat and happy event. Jackson allowed anyone to attend his inauguration, exemplifying his role as the "common man" president.

The National Bank

Jackson wanted to lose the national bank because he was upset with Henry Clay, who was a close friend of the man who ran the national bank. He refused to renew the charter, which would expire in four years. He decided he didn't want to wait, so he started taking the money from the bank and putting it in state banks. This forced the national bank to close.

The Nullification Process

Tariffs were placed on imported goods, which upset the south, who depended on the cheap products. South Carolina became so upset that they nullified the laws. When Andrew Jackson tried to stop them, they threatened to secede from the Union. Jackson then passed the Force Bill, allowing him to use the army against South Carolina, He also threatened to hang Calhoun, his Vice President. They came to an agreement and the tariffs were lowered.
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This picture shows what it was like during on the trail of tears during the Indian removal act. As implied by the name of the trail, the artist shows people all along the trail in tears. There is also somebody who appears to be dying on the side. All the people seem to have all of their belongings with them, showing that they can never return to the land that belonged to them for generations.

What is Jackson thinking?

The north may be okay with these tariffs, but us in the south aren't! Just because the north has manufacturing of their own, doesn't mean Jackson can ignore the people who depend on the cheap imported goods. South Carolina had the right idea. We shouldn't have to put up with these tariffs!

It's for your own good

These tariffs are the best thing ever! American manufacturing is better than ever, because imported goods are now more expensive. More people are turning inward to get their manufactured goods, because it's cheaper. I'm rich!