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Topic of the Day

During the 1850's, the slaves were seen as barbaric and undeserving of equal rights. Therefore, pointless hierarchy amongst the races was created, and the abolition movement began as a result.

Opinions on the Issue

Yasha Eskandar:

1. One of the more subtle ideas conveyed is that there was a growing divide between people wanting to abolish slavery and people wanting slavery to continue. Another idea was the massive visual response to Uncle Tom’s Cabin with countless Abolitionist paintings being created.

2. The Abolitionist movement seemed a lot more organized than the pro-slavery movement and the illustrations by the Abolitionists were a lot more persuasive to their cause.

Valeria Liu:

1. A subtle idea I picked up upon looking at these images was the intense emotion abolitionists had for their cause. In poems, artwork, music, and other mediums of the humanities, they would pour in a lot of pathos because their best justifications and reactions came from evoking emotion from themselves to their audience.

2. What was most surprising to me was the abundance of media attention Uncle Tom's Cabin had gotten. Considering the fact that the people of 1850 had lived without the technology we have now in modern society, to see Uncle Tom's Cabin gain so much media attention to the point where there are children's toys made because of his cause surprised me the most.