The Great Perch

Katherine Yin -PAPBio-Guzman-7


In this lab, each student will work with a lab group in order to learn from the dissection of the perch

Interesting facts

  • Yellow perch can reach a maximum size of 18 inches.
  • The largest yellow perch recorded in Maryland was caught in a Harford County farm pond in 2003 and weighed 3 lbs., 5 oz.
  • Their method of spawning is unique in that female yellow perch lay their eggs in long gelatinous strands, usually floating or hanging from vegetation or some other structure.
  • Yellow perch are found in approximately 13,000 acres of lakes and ponds, with tributaries to Chesapeake Bay furnishing considerably more water area.

Circulatory system

The heart of a perch consists of one atrium and one ventricle. Oxygen-poor blood is pumped through the heart and to the lungs, then after it is oxygenated, it goes directly to the tissues. The blood travels back to the heart, and is repeated.