Five Days a Week; Yay or Nay?

By: Cas Regan and Noelle Dennis

Should Students Between Elementary and High School Have to Attend School Five Days a Week?

Students between the grades of elementary and high school should not have to attend school five days a week. Dr. Katherine Bradley says that, "The financial savings to districts that jump on the four-days-per-week bandwagon can be tremendous regardless of the size of the district." This means that going to school four days a week would be a terrific economical leap for our community.
Another reason why students should have four day a week school is that it helps kids to behave when they are not as stressed by the constancy and monotone of the five day schedule. Jimmy Linderman, superintendent of county schools in Georgia, says that students have a "73% decrease in referals to the office." Having a 4 day schedule would insure that the students are much less troublesome, and unruly. On the other hand, one could certainly say that students need to go to school 5 days a week because most parents can't take a day off of school in the middle of the week, but that could be solved through going to the Boy's and Girl's Club.
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Finally, students should be able to go to school on a 4 day schedule because going to school for 5 days straight is tiring to the growing brain. Research shows that lack of sleep (due to having too much homework from the night before,) can cause extreme fatigue in young adults. If there was a break in the schedule on Wenesday, they would get a chance to catch up on their work and get enough sleep to be ready and excited for going back to school.