Brian's S'more Cool Science Poster

For educational purposes and Smore Flyer

Brian Hu

I'm a sixth grade student that likes to read horror books. I play doubles in tennis and go to the FabianGrassini tennis academy.

Introduction to Science 6

Science Six Unit One

In this unit, we made two packets about longitude and lattitude, and microscopes. We also used triple beam balances and did some journal questions. The journal questions were all related to the lesson we learned that day, or a review of what we did yesterday.

My favorite project

The science microscope was probably my favorite project. It is my favorite, because it is'nt everyday you get to use a microscope. Also, it was pretty fun when we had to find out where Mr. Shaffer went to the beach over summer vacation.

Overall feelings

Overall, this unit was fun interesting and a little bit difficult. All the projects we did were all fun and interesting, the two packets we did on longitude and lattitude and microscope were difficult, but very interesting.