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April 2018

Highlighted Dates to Remember (see linked calendar for full schedule of events)

Spring Break: April 2-6

Spring Break Ends & School Resumes: April 9

3rd Grade Math PARCC: April 10-13
3rd Trimester Midterm: April 13

Parent Planning Council Meeting at 9am in MG LRC: April 16
Week of April 16: Library Week - A new spirit day each day!

Late Start Morning: April 17

MG Field Trip to KG for Play: April 19

PTO Breakfast with Mom @ MG Gym: April 20

Progress Reports Distributed: April 20

Spring MAP Testing Begins: April 23

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PTO News

April 9th: The last Box Top contest for the school year begins

April 10th: Field day t-shirt order forms sent home

April 11th: PTO Meeting in the Kelvin Grove LRC at 6:00pm

April 14th: PTO Mother/Son Event at the Hollywood Blvd. Cinema. Check in time is

between 9:45-10:15am. Movie starts promptly at 10:30am.

April 20th: PTO Breakfast w/Mom in the Milne Grove Gym From 8:00-8:30am.

Email with questions!

Principal's Page

I am wishing everyone a wonderful Spring break! Our calendar has been revised to reflect one additional attendance day due to a snow day in February. Our last day of school is May 24th. Kindergarten graduation will be held on May 24th and Early Learners PK graduation will be held on May 23rd; Field Day will remain on May 21st.

Our third graders will be completing their Math PARCC tests during the week of April 10th. Please see the link to the letter below.

The Parent Planning Council will meet on April 16th at 9am in the Milne Grove LRC; all parents are welcome and encouraged to attend. Please see the flyer that will be sent home with your child during the week of April 9th. The purpose of this group is to dialogue and plan; bring your ideas!

Call me at 815-838-0542x2104 or email

Jaime Koziol

Mrs. Jaime Koziol, Principal

815-838-0542 x2104

Mrs. Cindy Dragosh, Secretary


Notes From the Nurse

Spring is in the Air! Spring is the time of year that we normally think of when it comes to seasonal allergies. As all the trees and plants start to bloom and the pollen gets airborne, allergy sufferers begin their yearly ritual of sneezing and sniffling.

The most common spring allergy trigger is pollen. When pollen, or any other allergen, enters the nose of someone who is allergic --they send the immune system into overdrive. The immune system sees the pollen as a foreign invader, releases antibodies—substances that normally identify and attack bacteria, viruses, and other illness-causing organisms. The antibodies attack the allergens, which leads to the release of chemicals called histamines into the blood. Histamines trigger the runny nose, itchy eyes, and other symptoms associated with allergies.

Here are some tips to help with the spring allergy season:

· Avoid your allergy trigger as much as possible

· Do a thorough spring cleaning

· Minimize outdoor activity when pollen counts are high (peak pollen times are usually between 10 a.m. and 4 p.m.)

· Take medications at least 30 minutes prior to outdoor activity

· Shut windows in your house on days with high pollen counts

· Wash bedding weekly in hot water

· Shower and wash hair before bedtime

· Keep pets off furniture and bedding (pollen can cling to pet after being outside)

If you would like more information about spring allergies and ways to help minimize allergy triggers, feel free to contact me anytime at (815) 838-0542 ex.2106.

Shannon Gilkerson, RN

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The Latest from the LRC

Book Notes:

MG Monarch and Bluestem Awards

The Monarch and Bluestem voting is complete. All K-3 students listened to the nominated Monarch Award books in the library and voted for their favorite. Ask your child about which nominated books they liked and why.

The optional Bluestem Award program was open to 3rd grade only. Thirty-six students participated, with 18 of those coming to our after school book club. The voting results can be found on my webpage. Book club members will be honored at the May Board of Education meeting.

Reading Incentives:

We are hosting a Library Spirit Week April 16-20. Watch for info on the spirit days. The week also includes our annual Bookmark Design Contest - watch for entry forms coming home soon. These will be due the week of April 16-20.

The Joliet Slammers Spikes’ Super Students reading program is underway. Home run logs to earn a free ticket must be turned in by May 7.

The Six Flags reading program has ended. Tickets will be distributed in May.

We will be hosting a BOGO Scholastic Book Fair from April 30-May 4 at KG. The LRCs do not earn a profit on the BOGO fair - the savings go right to you!

Volunteer Corner:

I give heartfelt thanks and appreciation to Jaime Dixon, Linda Hozjan, Katie Schuldt, Kathleen Kesteloot and Peter Klauser, the wonderful parents who come in to reshelve the books.

D91 Celebrates National Library Week - April 16-20

Monday - Get Ready for Summer Reading - Wear a Hawaiian shirt or beachwear (But NOT a swimsuit!). Bring a beach towel for DEAR time. Get a special gift from the library.

Tuesday - Roll Out of Bed and Read - Wear pajamas or comfy sweats

Wednesday - Get in the Game: Read! - Wear a team or sports shirt

Thursday - Read Me/I Love Books Day - Wear a shirt you can read or something representing a favorite book

Friday - Hornets Read Day - Wear your Hornets spirit wear or colors

Save the date: The D91 LRCs are hosting an end-of-the-year fundraiser at Culver’s on May 16th!

MARK YOUR CALENDAR for Friday, May 25th and join us for the Annual D91 LRC Family Night Slammers Game!! Information and reading logs to earn free tickets were sent home last week. ~ 815-838-0542, x2122 Follow me on Twitter!

Physical Education Feats

Students participated in many different games, activities and units in the month of March. We have continued to participate in new activities and games on Work Out Wednesday’s and Fun Friday’s.

In the month of April and with the start of Spring, I am hoping students will get the chance to enjoy some time outside! Students will get the chance to start new units including our much anticipated Dance unit. Family Dance night will be coming in May!

Be on the lookout for a Spring Break Activity Bingo Card! Students can fill out their bingo cards with activities they have completed at home or on vacation while on Spring Break.

Mrs. Draper

3rd Grade

The students did a great job taking the English Language Arts PARCC tests these past few weeks. We are very proud of them for all their hard work! We will be completing PARCC Mathematics testing the week of April 10th.


  • Please continue reading with your child at home to help them grow in their fluency and comprehension.


  • Please continue to work with your student on fact fluency for addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. They need to work on accuracy as well as speed when practicing their facts. If you would like additional resources for fact practice, please visit the third grade page under math.

  • You can use the Go Math link to review lessons at home and assist with concept questions. Go Math Website


  • We are currently working on our final science unit of the year which is all about ecosystems. Please work with your student on their vocabulary words for this unit. If you need an additional copy of the words, please look on the third grade website.

Social Studies:

  • We are currently starting our culture unit for the final quarter of third grade! Students will be studying different cultures around the world and then learning all about the culture here in Lockport.


  • Remind students to use the third grade website so they can continue working on their foundational skills over spring break. There are a variety of links that will help them increase their ability with the material that has been taught so far this year.

  • As we approach the end of the year, there will be a few field trips coming up. Please be sure to check your student’s folder every night to make sure forms are returned on time.

Please feel free to contact your child’s teacher with any questions or concerns!

Thank you,

The Third Grade Team

Miss Johnson, 3rd grade teacher,

Mrs. McGreevy, 3rd grade teacher,

Mrs. Steed, 3rd grade teacher,

Mrs. Visser, Reading Specialist,

Mrs. Fiday, Special Education Teacher,

Mrs. Phillips, Reading Aide,

Mrs. Heintz, Math Aide,

2nd Grade


Students will continue to read both nonfiction and fiction text. They will be using evidence from the text to answer questions. Students will be learning how to use text features (captions, headings, diagrams, labels) to learn information.

Social Studies

The next chapter will be, Our Nation Past and Present. Students will learn about America's early settlers, how people’s lives and technology have changed from the past, and American heroes.


Students will continue to practice subtraction facts. Students will learn measurement using inches and centimeters.


Students will compare plants and animals in different habitats , and learn how their relationship within a habitat helps provide food, water, and shelter for the other.

Social Studies

Students will begin Chapter 4, Celebrating Our Traditions. Students will learn about different cultures, celebrations, national holidays, and how songs, stories and art can pass traditions down in cultures.


We will begin learning about ecosystems, what plants need to survive and how seeds are dispersed.


Students should continue to practice their subtraction facts. After 3 digit addition and subtraction students will focus on time and money.

The Second Grade Team

Mrs. Bolte, 2nd grade teacher,

Mrs. Georgopulos, 2nd grade teacher,

Miss Podwika, 2nd grade teacher,

Mrs. Visser, Reading Specialist,

Mrs. Fiday, Special Education Teacher,

Mrs. Phillips, Reading Aide,

Mrs. Heintz, Math Aide,

1st Grade

Superkids Reading Program:

  • Read fluently and understand the importance of reading a conversation with expression

  • Decode and encode “aw” for short /o/

  • Use vowel sounds to determine the number of syllables in a word

  • Decode and encode words with “ar” and “or”

  • Read fluently and understand literary informational texts

  • Read and understand new vocabulary

  • MAP Testing

Language and Writing:

  • Focus on writing complete sentences with the correct ending marks

  • Writing a narrative paragraph

  • Discuss, write, and revise personal narratives

  • Write descriptive sentences by adding adjectives and precise verbs

  • Plan and draft a problem-solution story

  • Edit and illustrate a story

GO Math:

  • Creating graphs using data

  • Three-Dimensional Geometry

  • Make objects and larger shapes from other shapes

  • Two-Dimensional Geometry

  • Equal shares, halves, and fourths

Social Studies:

  • Earth Day: We will be concentrating on what we can do to reduce, reuse and recycle to help the Earth

  • Comparing our past and present


  • Changing of seasons and the coming of Spring

  • Discussions and activities about animals and plants that we begin to see as Spring arrives

  • Understanding how adult animals and their young are alike

The First Grade Team

Mrs. O'Halloran, 1st grade teacher,

Mrs. Preboy, 1st grade teacher,

Mrs. Stanly, 1st grade teacher,

Mrs. Visser, Reading Specialist,

Mrs. Fiday, Special Education Teacher,

Mrs. Phillips, Reading Aide,

Mrs. Heintz, Math Aide,


The Kindergarten students have been very excited to read to their friends at “buddy reading” please continue reading the “book-in-a-baggie” homework. Many children are reading with fluency from nightly practice...way to go!!

In Math Kindergarten is working on addition and subtraction facts as well as composing and decomposing numbers, counting to 100 by ones and tens and measurement.

To reinforce these concepts at home check out these songs:
We use the website GoNoodle to help us stay focused, calm and energized during our school day by using music and movement, here is the link for you to try:
In Jolly Phonics we are continuing our study of digraphs and long vowels. Please watch these videos and sing their songs with your child:
For many Math and Reading Games please take a look at Starfall:

The Kindergarten Team

Mrs. Adams -

Mrs. Visser, Reading Specialist,

Mrs. Fiday, Special Education Teacher,

Mrs. Phillips, Reading Aide,

Mrs. Heintz, Math Aide,

Early Learners Preschool

Upcoming Events:

Week of April 2nd - Spring Break

Week of April 9th - The Early Learners will be introduced to the letter “Uu”. The theme will be umbrellas. The Early Learners will also review the numbers 0 to 20 and their quantities.

Week of April 16th - The Early Learners will be introduced to the letter “Oo”. The theme will be ocean. The Early Learners will also be introduced to the oval shape and discuss the concept of inside and outside.

Week of April 23rd - The Early Learners will be introduced to the letter “Yy”. The Early Learners will also be introduced to the color yellow and the star shape.

Week of April 30th - The Early Learners will discuss their special parents and create special gifts for them for Mother’s and Father’s Day.

Dates to Remember:

  • NO SCHOOL, Monday, April 2nd through Friday, April 6th, Spring Break
  • School Resumes, Monday, April 9th
  • Field Trip, Wednesday, April 18th, Richland & Milne Grove Early Learners will be going on a field trip to Joliet Junior College in Joliet for the production of Peter Pan. The bus will leave Milne Grove School at 9:00a.m. and return around 12:45p.m. Your child will need a labeled sack lunch. Families should drop off their Early Learners between 8:40a.m and Milne Grove School.

The PK Team

Mrs. Torkelson, PK Teacher,

Mrs. Pederson, Bilingual Liaison,

The Speech Spot with Mrs. Barker

Flashcard Fun!

Looking for ways to practice weekly vocabulary words; sight words; spelling words or speech homework. Try some of the following activities to help add excitement to a tedious task.

  1. Flashlight Hunt-Attach cards to the wall using tape or reusable putty adhesive and turn off the lights. Players take turns using the flashlight to find the cards and practice their skills in the dark.

  2. Board games- Board games are a simple way to make flashcards more fun. Players simply choose a flashcard and practice their skills before taking a turn in the game.

  3. Fishing game- Put a paperclip on each card and lay them facedown on the table or floor. Make a fishing pole by tying a string to a ruler on one end and a magnet on the other. Players take turns “fishing” for cards and practicing their skills. As an added challenge, leave cards faceup and ask each player to “catch” a specific card.

  4. Bowling Fun- Clip a large clothespin to each card and stand it up on end. Line up several clothespins in a row. Players take turns practicing their skills and trying to knock the cards over with a ball.

  5. Special Delivery-Cut a slit in the top of an empty juice carton or box to make a mailbox. Players take turns sliding cards through the mail slot as they practice their skills.

  6. Roll of the Dice- Divide a piece of paper into six sections. Write a number (1-6) in each box, then put a flashcard in each one. Take turns rolling a die and practicing the skill on the flashcard in the corresponding numbered box. Each player collects the flashcard after he/she correctly practices the skill. Replace the empty box with a new flashcard.

Taken from SuperDuper Handy Handouts by Rynette Kjesbo M.A., CCC-SLP

Taken from Voice Care for Children

By Graham Williamson

Savvy Solutions with Mrs. DeSandre


Encourage children to talk about their concerns and to express their feelings. Validate the child’s feelings. Do not minimize a child’s concerns. Let him/her know that serious school violence is not common, which is why these incidents attract so much media attention. Stress that schools are safe places. In fact, recent studies have shown that schools are more secure now than ever before.

Limit exposure to news coverage. Parents should also monitor how much exposure a child has to news reports of traumatic events, including these recent school shootings. Research has shown that some young children believe that the events are reoccurring each time they see a television replay of the news footage.

Empower children to take action regarding school safety. Explain why visitors sign in at the main office or certain doors remain locked during the school day. Help your child understand that such precautions are in place to ensure his or her safety and stress the importance of adhering to school rules and policies.

Create safety plans with your child. Help your child identify which adults (a trusted teacher, secretary, principal, or social worker) your child can talk to if they feel unsafe at school. In addition, encourage them to report specific incidents (such as bullying, threats, etc.) and to develop problem solving and conflict resolution skills. Discuss the safety procedures that are in place at your child’s school.

Keep the dialogue going and make school safety a common topic in family discussions rather than just a response to an immediate crisis. Open dialogue will encourage children to share their concerns. School should always be viewed as a safe and comforting place for the children. Seek help when necessary. If you are worried about a child’s reaction or have ongoing concerns about his/her behavior or emotions, contact the school social worker or your pediatrician.



National Mental Health Association

*If you have any recommendations for topics, please contact me!*

Contact Mrs. DeSandre at

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Kindergarten have learned about the pop art world of Wayne Thiebaud and first grade students are using a special color scheme to pay tribute the wonderful sunflowers of Vincent Van Gogh. Second Grade students are still working hard on Claude Monet’s Water Lilies, while third grade has started to explore the expressionistic artwork of Edvard Munch and The Scream.

In the weeks ahead, will create many sculptures with air dry clay. This is a fun material that allows us to experience all the benefits of clay sculpture, without the kiln to fire.

Remember to ask your child about what they learned in art….you will be amazed at what you discover. For more information on art classes at Milne Grove, please be sure to check us out on the web and thank you for your support and continued interest in your child’s art education.

Mrs. Cravens

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Music Notes

To Contact Mrs. Randolph K-8 Music & KG Chorus Director

Email: PHONE: 815-838-0737 ext. 1140

Please go the D91 Music Web Pages for families to listen and watch videos students are learning in class and share music together. ( and ( YouTube) (Thank you to D91 PTO for their continued purchase of our Music Express Magazine Subscription!)

1 - The Lockport District # 91 School Board signed a Resolution (see picture) for the 33nd Annual National Music In Our Schools Month® (MIOSM). This year’s theme was “Music Connects.”

Pictured Front Row L to R: Mrs. Courtney Oxley-Turner (Vice-President); Mrs. Donna Gray (Superintendent); Mrs. Jennifer Fracaro;Back Row L - R: Mrs. Estella Rodriguez; Mr. Daniel Dorion; Mrs. Laura Garrett; Mr. David Lee;Not pictured: Mrs. Marge Otis (President); Mrs. Lynn Krumlinde (Secretary)

Big picture

March has been officially designated by the National Association for Music Education (NAME) for the observance of Music In Our Schools Month® (MIOSM®), the time of year when music education becomes the focus of schools across the nation.

MIOSM began as a single statewide celebration in 1973, and has grown over the decades to encompass a day, then a week, and then in 1985 to become a month long celebration of school music. The purpose of MIOSM is to raise awareness of the importance of music education for all children – and to remind citizens that schools is where all children should have access to music. MIOSM is an opportunity for music teachers to bring their music programs to the attention of the school and the community, and to display the benefits that school music brings to students of all ages.

2 – Our 1st – 3rd grade music students are using the 14 computers in the MG Music lab. The students are using the Music Maestro International music software program to learn music theory. The program tracks and scores their progress until they graduate from 8th grade. The students take turns every other week using the computers and playing the Orff instruments.

3 - FREE 3rd GRADE RECORDER CLUB: Fridays from 8:05-8:30 am – Students who are advanced in recorder will earn special recorder star certificate during the recorder concert in May. Have your child practice at home and come prepared to pass all recorder assignments each week so he/she will receive a recorder star certificate. Ring the MG Main Door buzzer at 8:05 am to come in and earn recorder stickers. If you pass the recorder lesson, you may then learn to play piano, play the Orff instruments or use the music computers to play Music Maestro (computer software for music theory and listening).

4 - NEW THIS YEAR for D91 Music! April– May1: The Main Music Fundraiser this year will be selling Tervis Tumblers, Magnets, and Fathead Stickers with the D91 Hornet to help purchase instruments, equipment, and supplies for all K-8 music students in Milne & Kelvin Grove Schools.

5 - T. May 15 (6:30 pm) – All students in Grades 4,5 KG Chorus, and a few selected students in grades 6-8 will present the spring concert in the KG small gym (enter door #1). Admission is FREE and open to the public. A HUGE SURPRISE will be at this concert for everyone who attends! All D91 students should try and attend this special concert! Watch for the web for details.

6 - Th. May 17 (2:30 pm) – 3rd Grade Recorder Concert for Parents and Friends in the Milne Grove Gym.

7 - SAVE METAL TABS for Music all year. We get about $5 for 5 gallons of tabs.

8 - Music Department Volunteers Needed (email Mrs. Randolph if you can help):

1 – Someone to sew and repair a few costumes, sequin trees,

2 – Someone to help with the new music fundraiser

4 – Music Library work (needs to use MS Office Excel)

5 – Decorate for the spring concert before May 15 (email or send a note to Mrs. Randolph if you can help her)

Substitutes Needed!!

If you like interacting with the kids, and can be flexible. If you enjoy different settings, and different age groups of kids. This is what you have been looking Contact Athena Dingels for details (must possess a bachelor's degree and be willing to obtain the sub teacher credential through ISBE).