Exploring Multicultural Literature

By: Lilly Kottak,Allison Holmes

Thinking map

The poem is about a man loving nature. Where this man finds peace in nature, and soothes his mind.

The poem is important because it's explaining how you can find peace in nature, and that nature is calming.

We can use the information in the pomp by trying to find inner peace while outside.

The min idea of this poem is freeing your mind, to help you find inner peace in nature.

Dear Reader

1. After having a brief discussion we decided that studying Italian culture would be for the best and would be the most interesting to research. We had both always wanted to go to Florence,Italy, so we thought it would be the perfect opportunity to showcase our ability to appreciate and respect other cultures. From an outsiders point of view we feel we now love and respect Italian art after doing exspensive research and thinking. Although we have briefly looked at Italian art, we want to become an expert and we want to know why/how the artist created it. They consider architectural techniques art which we find particulary fascinating, and we want to be able to understand their culture/way of life better through this aspect of research. Their expensive clothing is their set way of life, and it is so interesting what the designers are able to come up with. It is intriguing how they are so serious about fashion, and how they influence American clothing and styles.

2. The author of the poem portrays/illuminates in their reader/viewers head, a man that is very loving and is unique in the way that he has/maintains a peaceful and simple way of life. We think it is amazing how the author is able to calm down and clear his head enough that he can actually find the everlasting/ever sought of inner peace. He finds peace always in a nature filled forest. We think it would be interesting, and we think it would be the perfect acceptable way to feel better about ones self. He points out that nature is a beautiful thing, it is something that the reader automatically implies. He makes valid suggestions that make us think. This work helps me understand what beauty really is. Beauty is not just people,it's the things around you that glorify and shine.

3. Our perception of the Italian culture is widely expanded. We found out so many unique things while researching, for example we learned that they have very different festivals than what we have here. Also,Italians love their wine. We think that Italian culture is different than ours, but in a good way. We like all the artifacts and old buildings mad because Italy is known for their famous structures. The music, obviously, is hard for us to understand, but it still sounded beautiful. All in all we thought the Italian culture was lovely.


A. Italy has a unique,vibrant,and very lively culture and way of life. Italy's food is so deligant and devine, and it is way better tasting than any American fast food. The chefs have culinary trained years prior to working, not some mediocre fry cook training. Also wine is a very important part of their culture enough so that they reduced the drinking age to 16, whereas the drinking age in the United States is 21. It is way different, and would take a significant amount of time to get used to that. In the United States customs are typically potrayed in festivals. Festivals are also what Italians use to potray customs. In the U.S customs are usually music or modern art relate, whereas in Italy festivals include wine tasting and beautiful old landscape paintings. The United States's official language is English, whereas in Italy the official language is Italian. In America very few schools offer Italian as a language to study. Whereas in Italy many schools offer English as a primary language to study. These customs are all very significant in the people's everyday live, enough so that people all over the world study and try to understand their complex and unique way of life and moral values.

B. The poem written by Giacomo Leopardi is very nice. It's very calming and makes you think of nature in a different point of view. The poem is about a man who finds peace in nature and makes you want to go outside and find inner peace. So, therefore we like this poem. because it's very calming.


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