Windrixville Weekly

November 20, 1965

CHURCH FIRE!! Shaelynn Barba/Makayla Brown

A 3rd grade class was having a picnic on November 20th, 1965 at a old abandoned church. The kids were told not to go inside the church. Allison Stephen and Jerry Thomas were watching the kids when the church burnt on fire.

Allison Stephen and Jerry Thomas were responsible for all of the kids. They told them not to go in their because it is dangerous.

A car pulled up with 2 men inside, they heard screaming kids with a church on fire so they ran to see what happened. There names were Ponyboy Curtis and Johnny Cade (Also know as Juvenile Delinquents). Allison thought that the kids were playing on the hill but sadly they were inside the church. Ponyboy and Johnny ran inside to save the 3rd graders. Luckily the kids got out okay. Unfortunately one of them made it out by themselves but the other was stuck. Now they are both being taken to the hospital.

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CRIMES: Shaelynn Barba

WANTED: Shaelynn Barba

Late a few night ago a man was found dead in a local park. His name was Bob Sheldon. We believe these two kids might have killed him.
One looks like this his name is Johnny Cade. He has dark brown hair and light brown skin. He also has dark brown eyes.
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WANTED: Shaelynn Barba

The other one looks like this his name is Ponyboy Curtis. He has long brown hair and white skin he also has brown eyes.
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Bob Sheldon was 17 years old, he was found dead next to a fountain. He got stabbed by a 16-year-old named Johnny Cade. He also was with 4 of his friends but they ran away when they saw him get stabbed. The question people are wondering is what made Johnny Cade do such a thing?
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Weather: Karen Zavala

It was a cloudy day and it was about 80 degrees.

Fashion: Makayla Brown

The girls would usually wear nice clothes like dresses. The boys would wear leather jackets or suits on a nice day. Everyone would be looking nice and acting very nice unless they were living in a bad area. Other wise, they would be wearing leather jackets and ripped jeans.

Comic Strip: Joe pruett

Jobs: Joe Pruett