comparing countries

Bermuda/ Madagascar


Population: 65,024

age population: Oldest males are 50-55. oldest females are 50-54

average life expectancy: 80 years old

Population change over time?: Increase in males and females between 40 and 50. Less babies being born.

future of the population: less babies and more people between 40 and 50

food supply: food supply is steady, feature supply is steady and secure

health concerns: No health concerns or major diseases.

current events: A lot of storms, not effecting anything bad

Environmental problems: Virtually no fresh water available, except rainwater. hazardous waste disposal. overfishing. He has a gun

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Population: 23,208,926

age population: mostly made of young men.

Life expectancy: 61 years old.

change over time: stable

future population: steadly increasing.

food supply?: Lacks diversity. Does not meet the needs of the population

Health concerns: Not enough medication and doctors, a lot of diseases.

environmental problems: Deforestation nd habitat damage. Erosion and soil degradtion.

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