The Virginia Colony

The First New World Settlement


Our colony was founded in 1607 by John Smith and several other colonists including John Rolfe who were backed by the London Company (Britain). The name "Virginia" was inspired by Queen Elizabeth I of England, the "Virgin Queen".

Major Events

A Chronology of Events

1607: Jamestown, the first permanent English settlement, is established; John Smith is captured by Indians

1608: John Smith is released; a fire destroys all the homes in the colony

1611: John Rolfe introduces tobacco seeds

1619: first meeting of Virginia General Assembly

1622: Indian massacre kills 347 colonists

1624: Virginia made a royal colony

1676: Bacon's Rebellion

1699: Williamsburg is established as the capitol

Key People

John Smith: one of the original colonists, negotiated with Indians

Chief Powhatan: Indian Chief who helps us survive in the New World

Pocahontas: Indian woman who married John Rolfe and rescued John Smith

John Rolfe: introduced tobacco to the economy

Christopher Newport: helped deliver supplies to the colony to keep it from failing