The Beatles

By: Gabriel Zavala

An inspirational band

The Beatles were the most influential group during the rock era. They played many different genres like rock, pop, and psychedelia. The Beatles would try to create many pieces of music in just 1 day. The Beatles-inspired bands and musicians like Ac/Dc, Oasis, and the BeeGees. These musicians had written songs that were like the Beatles music.
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Early life/Origins

John turned his friends into a band and called themselves Quarrymen. John was the one to originally find Quarrymen. A friend of his introduced Paul McCartney to their group. George Harrison joined Quarrymen when he was 14 years old and played the guitar. Later on Quarrymen changed the music the music they played. They used to play music like American folk and Country.
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Musical Accomplishments

The Beatles performed 32 shows in 26 venues in 24 cities in 33 days! Promoters would pay $15,000 for the appearance fee for Frank Sinatra but for the Beatles they would have to pay $40,000! Over the years since the Beatles became famous, they won 11 Grammy's and many more awards. Like the award for world's best-selling British artist.
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The Beatles Changed

Their manager Brian Epstein told the Beatles that they needed to change their appearance. He also told them that it would be better for them to stop drinking and eating in public. The Beatles decided that they should mix up their music with different genres. The Beatles even started learning to play multiple instruments.
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The Beatles after they changed their appearance

The Beatles fall

Unfortunately, the Beatles stopped playing in 1970. They started fighting and arguing all the time. Later on the Beatles died one by one. John Lennon was shot and died in 1980, 10 years after the Beatles stopped playing. George Harrison died of lung cancer in 2001. Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr are the only Beatles members that are still alive. Many People believe that Paul McCartney died, but it's not true they just have a lot of theories.