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Stopher Newsletter, June 10th

Students not returning to Stopher for 2021-22 will be removed from this mailing list effective 6/15/2021.

Summer Office Schedule

Please note that the Stopher office will be closed June 16th thru July 11th. If you have an emergency, you can email for assistance. District offices are open year round.

School Calendar for 2021/2022

The calendar for next school year is now available. Click here for a printable copy.

2021-22 Orientations

Kindergarten Students ... August 4th ... 9:00am - 10:00am

First thru Fifth Grade Students ... August 9th ... 1:30pm - 3:30pm

KINDER KAMP ... Register Now

Stopher is hosting a three day mini camp for our incoming kindergarten students.

Click here for information and the link to register.

Classroom Supply Lists for 2021-2022

We are sending these out early so that you can catch the sales! Happy Shopping!

Tile Help (Advice) Needed

We have a small project that we are considering for our lobby and would like a tile specialist to advise us. Please reach out to if you would be willing to look at our idea and let us know if it is feasible and how we should proceed.

Annual "Welcome Back" Bulletin Board

It has become a tradition, at Stopher, to post summer photos of our students in the lobby. The photos can be of a trip they have taken, a visit to a relative, swimming in their pool ... whatever they would like to post!

This year, our theme will be "Love Your Selfie". I am attaching an image of a cell phone. If you would like to participate in the board, please print and cut out the image then trim and paste your favorite summer photo where the phone screen is. Bring your "Selfie" to orientation and add it to our board! (They can also be dropped off to the office sooner if you prefer.)

**If you are having difficulty opening and printing the page, copies are available in the Stopher office.

Go have summer fun .... and share your photo with us later!

"I'm Bored" ... Summer Activities on a Budget

APEX has put together list of activities that children can do ... and they do not involve electronics! Their list is below and many of these activities do not cost anything! Be sure to browse the entire list. Submit your checked off list to APEX at the end of summer, and your child will be entered for a chance to win prizes?


Eastern Eagles Basketball Camp

Join the Eastern Eagles Boys Basketball coaches and players for fundamentals and fun! We will focus on TEACHING the fundamentals of the game, how to play the RIGHT WAY, and have a GREAT time while doing it! Meet current and former Eagle players, as well as current and former college players. See details below ... NOTE: New registrations will be taken the first morning of camp.

Crosby Swim Team

Please see the file below for information regarding Crosby Middle School's Swim Team.

All About Kids ... Camp-A-Bunga

Need a Break? Kids need a day out? Both AAK locations have day camps for ages 4-14. Activities include Ninja, Swim, Gymnastics, Basketball, Dance and more! Click here for details.