Before the Meeting

IHS Instructional Cabinet

Flipping the Meeting

In an effort to use our time together in a more efficient manner, I will send out a briefing of items we need to be aware of and prepare for in advance. The goal is less meeting in exchange for more professional development and purposeful conversation. Your feedback is appreciated.

PSAT is a month away !

A focused plan for a brighter future !

The Plan

In preparation for the PSAT, I would like for us to discuss the schedule for the day of the test. On Tuesday, we will need to leave with two viable options for that day. I will ask David Dubois, our testing coordinator, to join us during this discussion, if possible. We need to think location (with the least amount of disruption) and functionality of space. Remember we want the least amount of movement for all students and teachers. The final plan will be posted on the IHS Google site for faculty and staff. Come ready to discuss options.

For Student Preparation

Here are some resources we can use to prepare our students and their families. We will be sending out information to all sophomores as well as juniors who would like to participate. We are encouraging as many juniors as possible to take advantage of this opportunity.



Data, data and more data

During our meeting, we will begin a conversation that will be focused primarily around the achievement data in our building. On Wednesday, bring one of your class rosters (or have access to one electronically) so we may discuss demographic data in that one class as a sample group.

Common Planning Plan

Our common planning time on Tuesdays and Wednesdays are in need of some articulated structure. We need to be intentional and focused with our dedicated professional development time on Wednesday mornings. I would like a written plan for each department for common planning time (Wednesdays and Tuesdays). The plan should consist of teacher groupings, room locations etc. Each month may be different, if necessary. The Math Department has a model that could serve as a template. Willie I hope you are willing to share in the meeting.

Providing Feedback for Classroom Mosaic Observations

Read the article below and review the types of feedback

Edutopia - Reimagining Classroom Walkthroughs

Types of Feedback

There are a plethora of feedback theories and names . We will spend time with Rogers' Five Feedback Types

Dates to remember

  • 9/8 - Department leaders submit completed opening checklists to Ellen Henderson

  • 9/8 - Students placed in Advisory groups by today and rosters sent to homeroom teachers

  • 9/8 - Certified staff unable to attend Open House need to notify Dr. Hampton via e-mail by today

  • 9/8 - 4:00 p.m. - District Leadership, IHS Common Planning, PBIS Committee, AP & IB Meeting -- Locations: various

  • 9/9 - 8:00 a.m. - 9:15 a.m. - Department Meetings (English and Math Departments meeting for APEX training in Media Center)

  • 9/10 - Advisory - Students begin new Advisory groups today

  • 9/12 - 8:00 a.m. - 12:00 p.m. - ACT Testing (Contact: Chad Pressley) -- Location: IHS