January 2023

Centre for Musical Minds

Happy New Year!

Dear CMM Families,

This year promises to be a great one! I love the hope and excitement a new calendar year brings to us. See you all back the week of the 9th! - Kristin

In this issue:

  • CMM Alumni Reunion
  • Pay-In-Full ANNUAL Promotion
  • Pop Recital Video - sign up on clickable website calendar
  • Construction this week

Quote from alumni, Caleb

"This was the reunion I didn't know I needed! I'm already looking forward to next year."


For those of you who have been with us, you know this is a ONCE A YEAR opportunity to save money on your tuition! Since 2008, I am proud to continue to be able to offer this promotion to our loyal families.

WHO: THIS IS OPTIONAL. This promotion is for people who know they are continuing in music lessons with us for the upcoming calendar year and who want to save a little money or simply not think about monthly tuition installments. Your day/time/teacher doesn't change unless you request a change OR unforeseen circumstances occur and a faculty member moves, or moves on. If this happens, we will find a great replacement and you will have the option to stay with the new teacher, or move to one of our other CMM faculty members.

PAYMENT DUE DATE: On or before February 1st


OPTION 1 By Cash or Check:

  • 45 min annual tuition is $2,724
  • 30 min annual tuition is $1,908

OPTION 2 By PayPal

  • 45 min annual tuition is $2,833
  • 30 min annual tuition is $1,984

YES! We are including 30 minutes in the promotion this year. Best value is still 45 minute lessons, so if you're on the fence, now is a great time to get on the list for 45 minutes starting in Summer 2023.

Effective May 1, annual tuition for 2023-2024 is $2,964/$247 monthly and $2,088/$175 monthly.

SUMMER IS INCLUDED: Summer Session is SUPER FLEXIBLE and promises to be similar to years past where we offer enrichment classes such as African Drumming with S-Ankh Rasa, Songwriting, Music History, Music Theory, Music and Movement, Production, Piano Ensemble, a Jam Session, etc... this year we will also have a 4-day camp option as well as four private lessons included.

To take advantage of this promotion and to pay in full for the year, please simply bring a check to your lesson and give to your teacher or Miss Kristin if you see her. If paying via PayPal, please email info@centremm.org to make sure we provide a payment receipt to you.

The Modern Piano Recital, in 2 Min

Broken Fire Sprinkler Pipe


CMM was hit with a broken fire sprinkler pipe Christmas Eve. Luckily, Neeki was there within 30 minutes of it breaking, ("yay" for Covid because he was quarantined), so the water damage while not insignificant, could have been a whole lot worse. This is a minor inconvenience for which I am incredibly grateful, compared to what it could have been.

The lobby is a slight disaster, and our sofa is in storage. We will have some folding chairs for the time being and we are missing part of the wall and moulding in the lobby. The office has not been deep cleaned since before the break, and we won't do that until the construction is finished. Miss Kristin's beloved "Oscar" has been moved to safety in a climate controlled storage facility for the time being and all will be well soon enough.

Should things be dusty, in disarray or disheveled, let's call it progress and look forward to the sheet rock and flooring being replaced soon!