The Wedding is Here!

Reno-Nygrin's Wedding Weekend Schedule!

We are so thankful...

We want to thank each of you for being a part our our special day. We are so blessed to be surrounded by each of you with love and support throughout the weekend. As part of our wedding party you are standing next to us showing how our lifelong friendships have impacted Colby and I's love for one another, we look forward to the many memories to be made this weekend.

Nygrin-Reno Wedding Weekend

Saturday, Aug. 31st, 6pm

Boerne, TX

Boerne, TX

We have such a great weekend ahead...please read over all of the details below!

Friday Agenda!

12:00 Arrival at The Westin at La Cantera

-unload your things at the casita

-if staying at another hotel, just leave your luggage in your car and you can check in your hotel after our nail appointment

12:15 Load on the shuttle to go to our nail appointment

-Ali brings champaign

-Voss brings flutes

-Nygrin brings OJ

-Make sure to have your method of payment with you!

-Bring cash or however you are going to pay!

12:30 Nail appointment at Avalon Day Spa


-go ahead and use the link to see what specific mani and pedis y'all want

3:30 Arrive back at La Cantera

-Begin getting ready for rehearsal and dinner

5:20 Departure to Kendall Plantation

-we will all carpool

6:00 Rehearsal

8:00 Rehearsal Dinner at La Hacienda

-18747 Redland Road San Antonio, TX 78259

10:00 Hot tub/Pool Fun

-bring your swim suit to enjoy some fun in the water after the rehearsal

Saturday Agenda!

8:00 Girls only breakfast at Brannon's Cafe

-Everyone meet in the lobby as a group no later than 7:45! The Westin took my reservation for 16 girls so we must show up on time all together!

-You dont have to "get ready" before breakfast, just dont wear your jammies! ha...we will shower after breakfast!

-Bring CASH for this big bills! : ) or better yet pay me ahead of time so I can just use my CC.

9:30 Start showering

-all hair and make-up will be done at the plantation so just have your hair blow-dried

-pack up all of your "day of wedding" items (see checklist on your bags)

10:35 Be ready to depart in the shuttle van to Kendall Plantation (we will need to be rolling out at 10:45)

-make sure to have your bag

11:30 begin hair and make-up

-open gifts and change into getting ready outfits

-there will be snacks for us to munch on throughout the afternoon : )

Ladies getting their hair done: April, Ashley, Sarah, Michelle, Melanie, Rachel, Adrian (just have your hair blow dried and try & have a picture picked out and ready for the style you want to go with!)

Ladies getting their makeup done: April, Ashley and Michelle (do not wear anything on your face, especially no moisturizer or SPF...the HD makeup does not stay on as well, so just a clean face)

3:15 Photography start time

3:15-4:15 Getting ready time

-dressing and final touches

-finalizing hair and make-up

4:15-4:45 Pre-Ceremony Formal photography of the girls

-people that need to be present for this half hour:




-Aunt Ginger




5:00 Touch ups

5:30 bridesmaid delivers Colby's gift to him

6:00 Ceremony

Line up:

Adrian and Adam

Rachel and Ryan

Ali and Logan

Ashley and Chris

Sarah and Blake

Michelle and Cory

Melanie and Matt

April and Clayton

Amanda and Clint

6:30 Post Ceremony Formals photography (stay by gazebo)

Shot list members that need to hang around:






**Once you are done with your portion of pictures you can go up and enjoy cocktail hour. Please listen for the DJ to announce the wedding party to prepare for the reception entrance, at that time please make your way immediately up to the center room at the top of the stairs.

7:30 Wedding party entrance

7:40 Blessing over dinner, then time to eat! Since everyone will be spread throughout please wait for your table to be called to get in line (just so you are not the only one at your table eating, ha!) Your bouquets placement will be determined soon..I'll let y'all know..we are not sure if we are just going to do vases or what, any and all ideas are welcome!

8:45 1st Dances (couple, mom-Colbs, Rach-dad)

9:00 Dancing and fun (please encourage guests to grab a glow necklace and have some fun on the dance floor)

10:00 Toasts (Adrian, Rach, and Ali...followed by Adam)

10:15 Cake cutting....yum!

10:20 Dancing and fun!

11:00 Bouquet/Garter Toss

11:10 Chi Omega singing of shades...Ali and Rach will pass out candles to XO sisters! : )

11:15 More Dancing and fun

11:40 Last song !

-Please be listening at this time for the song "Overjoyed by Matchbox 20" when this is played that is your que to go upstairs and grab your getting ready bag and place it somewhere down stairs.

-please start showing people outside for the sparkler for send off! Kristin (the plantation owner) will do the lighting once all guests are outside with a sparkler!

12:00 Send Off (sparklers)!

12:05 Grab your things and those of you who are staying at La Cantera will have a shuttle back to the hotel from "AAA Transportation Limo" those people are...Bake, Jazz, Mel, Ryan,Michelle, Colby L, Voss, Cory, Lorraine, Clint, Logan, and Clayton.

12:20 The night is yours!! :) :)

Friday Night Casita Arrangement!

So in order to accommodate everyone with a sleeping space, we have three casitas! We will all hang out after the rehearsal dinner but below will be the sleeping rooms for each person! In order to make this easiest, I will have all three rooms under my credit card so if each of you can pay me before or when we get to San Antonio that would help out! : )










-Colby L.











Saturday Night Casita Arrangement!




-Colby L.