Keystone XL Pipeline

By: Jack Comerford

A review of what we've learned

What it is: The Keystone XL Pipeline is an enormous pipeline that TransCanada wants to build that will transport hundreds of thousands of barrels of oil from its starting point in Hardisty, Alberta to its ending point in Steele City, Nebraska.
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Why is it economically beneficial?

It will provide thousands of jobs, give millions of dollars to state and local governments every year, and also put billions back into the economy through the purchasing of materials and services required for the construction of it.

Other Arguments for it

  • Different parts of the Keystone Pipeline have already been built.
  • There are millions of other miles of pipelines in America
  • States with more oil have greater economic success
  • A study about the effects of pipelines show they are economically great.

Arguments against it

  • It will only employ about 35 people
  • It will only work if gas prices do not drop
  • It is horrible for the environment

My Opinion

After all of my research was finished, I came to the conclusion that the Keystone XL Pipeline is beneficial to the economy. I am undecided as to whether I feel that it should actually be approved or not because it is harmful to the environment, and the environment is a pretty big deal. If you limit your thinking to strictly economics and not environment, it is definitely beneficial.