Wireless Blender

"Goes anywhere, Blends everywhere"

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Lightweight and no plug

Our lightweight design is durable and light all at the same time. No plugs for any cord cluster so you can say goodbye to finding that outlet that is long enough to reach the table, we will let your roam free with your blender.

Important Features:

Our powerful blender can blend anything from rocks to a soft tortilla and even though its powerful, it is safer then any other blender on the market. The touch screen on the front will determine what you are mixing, even when ground up, to ensure you are getting the nutrition you are looking for.

Environmental effects

You don't have to waste all that electricity on that 100 watt blender, this handheld blender is running off a charge and will last for about 1 week off one charge at a time. You only need to charge it for 1 hour and it will give you a full week.


We worked around the idea that everyone had the same problem and that it needed a solution. We had a very medium budget and were able to build the product quickly and cost effectively. It took us about a year to make out product and we believe that the hard work payed off to make a great product that will solve a problem effectively.