Resources running out:War is coming

Varun Elete, Lina Pyon, Gretchen Lund

Status Quo

Our currently most used resources are non-renewable such as coal, petroleum and natural gases. Also along with the lack of these fossil fuels, we are also cutting down trees in mass amounts for lumber and causing extreme deforestation around the world. Not only that but drinkable water sources are running dry all around the world, and without such a vital resource, people die. If we keep on depleting the Earth's resources, it will lead to devastating impacts.

Impact of Fossil Fuels running out

It is common knowledge that fossil fuels are the most used energy resource in the world. They are efficient and do their job, but they run out extremely fast. We have already used so many resources already, countries are already competing for it.

Our current global population is 7.2 billion and growing. Earth’s total resources are only good for 2 billion people at the current demand. The way we’re living, we are already using 2 to 3 times more of the Earth’s natural resources than what is sustainable. We will end up running out and without an energy source. EIA's International Energy Outlook 2013 shows that we have enough Oil to last for 25 years

Along with that, the carbon emissions from the intense usage of these fossil fuels results in global warming, and if this gets to a certain level, dangerous flooding can occur along with the loss of arctic life forms who rely on frozen ice

The more intense this competition for resources gets, the more likely it is to lead to the most dangerous impact, nuclear war. Humans have evolved to the point where energy is needed for survival, especially in first world countries, the ones that carry nuclear weapons. The destructive power of these weapons were shown already during world war 2 and experts say current weapons are up to 50x more powerful than back then. If World War 3 erupts, there will be no survivors, only decimation.
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The Problem concerning Deforestation

Deforestation is a serious environmental problem in this current generation. Over consumption of lumber can lead to acres of forests being cut down and without these trees, we are affected by two dangerous impacts, habitat, and eventually extinction of species, and also oxygen production being lost.

Deforestation arguably affects rain forests more than any other habitat. This biome is responsible for sheltering millions of species and cutting down their habitat without control is endangering many of them.

We get our oxygen from trees. The more trees there are, the more oxygen we get. We are basically cutting our source of oxygen, and we are doing it at a dangerous rate. A combination of intense carbon emissions along with a lack of oxygen can end up killing all life on earth without correct action.

With the rate of tree destroying that we are doing right now, in a little over 100 hundred years the world's rain forests will be gone.

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The Severe Fresh Water Shortage

Water is a key essential to life and lack of it is already starting to affect many countries. Already third world countries in Africa and the Middle East, and only those, are suffering lack of water. The growing population, the pollution, and the disorganized system of water distribution in poor countries can lose a lot of Earth's fresh water sources.

Only 2.5% of the world’s total water volume is fresh water. Of that 2.5%, 70% is frozen

There are substitutes for oil but nothing can replace our drinking water.

If people don't get water, they are going to die, and if this problem reaches first world countries, it's going to turn into war. The fight for water needs to turn into the conservation of water, but at the way we are going now, the end of the world is right around the corner
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