New York Trials- The Reporters View

View of Dheeksha Gokulakrishnan, September 6, 1966

The Case?

For those who are not familiar with the case of Johnny Cade vs. The People of New York, the accused, Johnny Cade, is being charged with second degree murder after Johnny murdered a teenage Soc, Bob Sheldon. Johnny Cade and his friend Ponyboy Curtis were in the park when a gang of teenage Socs decided to just have fun with the two greasers. One of the Socs, David Smith, was drowning Ponyboy Curtis to teach him a lesson and Johnny thought that the Socs were actually trying to kill Ponyboy. Johnny, thinking that he was saving Ponyboy's life, stabbed Bob Sheldon twice to get to Ponyboy. After this violent display of malice, the other Socs fled. Johnny and Ponyboy left the scene of murder after brutally killing an innocent boy, not even bothering to report the incident to the police. Now, Cade is rightfully being accused of second degree murder for killing Bob Sheldon.

Bob Sheldon, the Victim

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What do I think?

I believe that Bob Sheldon was unnecessarily killed and the murderer, Johnny Cade, should be sentenced at least 3 years in prison for what he did. I understand that many people are saying that Johnny simply acted out of self defense and what he was doing was only intended to save his friend, but think about this; if Johnny truly believed he was innocent, then why did he run away from the scene after he killed Bob? Johnny could have just explained what happened to the police and not have run away. Furthermore, Johnny did not retreat to his "home," but after stabbing Bob twice, he fled the town and did not leave Bob's family any explanation of why he decided Bob. If one is truly innocent, he has nothing to fear and Johnny basically proved that he is not innocent by running away.

Current News-

The case of Johnny Cade vs. The People of New York is currently under session and the verdict has not been reached yet. However, the Prosecution seems to be taking the lead as the Defense's witnesses don't seem up to shape to recite proper answers to the Prosecution's questions.

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