Linn Lion's Roar

April 2022

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Welcome back from spring break!

Our kindergarteners have been hard at work! We will continue working on decoding words to become better readers. We encourage our families to continue reading together at home to help your child meet their reading goal. In ELA we have been working on asking and answering questions, retelling a story including key details, identifying characters, setting, and key events in a story. In math we have been adding and subtracting within 9 and 10 using objects, drawings, and fingers.


We are working hard here in first grade as there is a lot to learn!

The weather is changing rapidly so please ensure your student is dressed appropriately for the weather. We go outside every day (weather permitting) so your student will need a coat/hat/gloves.

As we mentioned, we have a lot to accomplish so attendance is critical. Please have your student here every day and on time. We understand there will be times your student is ill or there are family emergencies.

Once again we appreciate you and let us know if we can help in any way!

You can always contact us on TalkingPoints.


Hello 2nd grade families!

We are working hard in 2nd grade! So many new things to learn about!

We are currently learning about pioneers and other explorers! This goes right along with our

current story about John Chapman also known as Johnny Appleseed! We are also starting our plant unit for Science to go along with Johnny Appleseed as well! The students are very excited about it! We have started graphing in Math. We have also started learning how to read a graph and compare the data given.

A couple reminders: it is still chilly outside, so please make sure your student is dressed

appropriately and has a jacket! We do try to go outside everyday (weather permitting) so they

will need their jackets most days!

Also please be reading with your student and work on math facts with your student everyday!

We appreciate all your help and hard work with your students! You can always message us on

Talking Points if you have any questions, comments or concerns!

Thank you!

Second Grade Team


Hello 3rd Grade Family,

We are still busy learning our Multiplication Facts in 3rd Grade! In Math we have started the Graphing Module. The students will conduct their own survey to collect data and create their own graph by the end of the Module. In Reading we have started our last Unit where the students will be reading informational text about historical citizens and how they changed the world by standing up for what they believe in. We will begin State Testing in April so it's very important that your child is going to bed early and getting plenty of sleep so they are well rested. ​ We ask you to please continue to encourage and help your child study their multiplication facts at home. Your child should also still be reading 15-20 minutes every night.

The dates for State Testing:

ELA Test: April 11th & April 13th

Math Test: April 20th & 21st

Thank you for all your support and for all that you do!

The 3rd Grade Team (Mrs.Rodriguez, Mrs.Castro, Ms.Engle)


Hello 4th grade parents!

We are excited to be starting the 4th quarter strong in 4th grade. We are seeing a lot of positive improvements in our fastrbridge scores. Continue to encourage your student to read at home and to practice their math facts. Thank you for coming and supporting our students during the Famous Kansan Wax Museum. All of the students did a great job researching and presenting their speeches. Their costumes looked amazing as well. Looking forward we will have state assessments for ELA on April 5th and 7th. Please make sure your student is getting a good night sleep and is ready to do their best. This is an opportunity for our 4th graders to show all that they have learned, and we are excited to see how well they do. Keep encouraging them and staying positive at home through the testing. It is a long test and it can be overwhelming. We are learning about economics and money in Social Studies, how to write our own stories in writing, and all about the human body in Science. We are ready to stay focused and finish the year strong!

Please let us know if you have any questions or concerns. We appreciate all your support.


Greetings 5th Grade Family & Friends,

Spring is upon us! We are "busy as bees," getting ready for Middle School this time of year! We need our students to stay focused and finish strong!

Please have your student share with you important upcoming dates regarding State Testing for ELA, Math, and Science. Please make sure to have your student in school those days to avoid make-up sessions. Also, make sure to follow the expectations for being well-rested and on time for school.

There are new 5th Grade protocols for extra recess and re-doing or having late or missing assignments during this last Quarter of the year. During this Quarter 4, we will use our 10-minute extra recess as a study hall for students that have late and or missing assignments or need to re-do assignments. Students needing to re-do assignments will receive a note on why the work needs attention, use the extra recess time, and possibly have additional homework. Students meeting expectations will continue to participate in extra recess. We are gearing up for Middle School!

Students should be in the habit of reading and practicing math facts every night as they have built up this routine over the year. This daily routine will make a smoother transition to daily expectations for Middle School.

Students must know their math facts fluently 0-12 and continually practice reading aloud for increased fluency. Please continue to support your student with a homework routine.

Thank you for your continued support. Please get in touch with us using Talking Points, email, and or call Linn with any questions-

The 5th Grade Team-

Ms. Blanco

Ms. Figueroa

Mrs. Laskowsky


We are busy in the music department as we head to finish up the year.

Kinder and 1st grades are doing final preparations for their first program called “A Kid’s Playlist”. 2nd grade is working on various songs, concepts and activities to learn about all the elements of music. 3rd and 4th grade are learning to play recorders and learning about other elements of music through regular lessons. 4th grade will also additionally be preparing for a note name assessment that all 4th grade students in Dodge City Schools are required to take. 5th grade is learning recorder and have one more required assessment regarding composition where they will write their own songs.

As always, feel free to reach out if you have any questions.