Black Holes

By: Max Hathaway

Table of Content


Chapter :1 The core

Chapter :2 What size?

Chapter :3 Remaining Gas or Dust

Chapter :4 What it's caused by

Chapter :5 Inside

Chapter :6 Did you now

Chapter:7 Gravity



Did you ever think you might get sucked by a Black hole? Well I did. Did you now that it could suck anything including light. Do you want to learn about the super strong Black hole?

Chapter 1: The Core

The core of the Black hole where its nuclear energy is produced over 25 million degrees Fahrenheit. The core sucks everything. It could suck the universe. Dah dah da!!!

( This picture shows a black holes sucking light.)



Chapter 2: What Size ?

The smallest Black hole weighed about 10 suns. They biggest black hole weighed 1 billion suns. Black holes can transform into many shape's and sizes but their really swirly and looks rectangular. My dad said" You are never going to weigh 1 billion pounds." Nobody can weigh 1 billion pounds."

Chapter 4: What it's caused by

A black hole is caused by a massive star or a supernova . Light can escape if it gives a wide birth. Gravity has a week grip on the outside layer of the red giant. They massive red giant is they sun. Wow right.

Chapter:5 INSIDE

Deep inside a cosmic cloud and tiny pieces of dust start to condense like a storm cloud. Ravenous monsters in terrifying , creepy and scary places.What do you think the monster looks like are they green do they have 8 or more eyes. But scientists are still trying to find what they look like?

Chapter:6 Did you now

Did you know a hot ring of gas circles the black hole? It means its huge. They are the most mysterious object in the galaxy. However they could be very very strong but there more dangers. I suggest you should not be astronaut.

Chapter:7 Gravity

Do you now that if there's to much gravity in the black hole it could cause a huge exploitation. The black hole is filled with allot of nuclear energy and gravity. On Earth gravity pulls us to the ground but in the black hole it gust sucks you in. With out gravity we would be flying with out control but it looks kind of fun. Gravity has a sensitive pull it will wipe you of the the ground.


Hope you liked my story? Now do you now allot about black holes? Are you going to study the amazing black hole.