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Christen Brown has interned with several quality institutions. Christen Brown is an intern with the Harvard Foundation, was a summer intern at the Miami State Attorney’s Office and was an intern for UBS Investment Bank. Christen Brown has provided many organizations with high-quality work and a consistent dedication to integrity and honesty. Christen Brown values the time spent as an intern with these quality organizations.

Christen Brown

Christen Brown can proudly say she is a student of Harvard University. She is proud of her achievements during her tenure at Harvard, which continue to lay the foundation for what promises to be a successful career. Christen Brown wrote for the Harvard Crimson, the campus news publication, and is a National Achievement Scholar. Christen Brown is also currently interned with the Harvard Foundation, and was the recipient of a summer scholarship.

Christen Brown: Writing Success with The Harvard Crimson

There is no doubt that Harvard University has been the recipient of much success and acclaim during its almost four hundred years of existence. As the university’s student-run Harvard newspaper, the Harvard Crimson has enjoyed many similar successes since its inception, which is in large part because of the efforts of skilled contributors like Christen Brown.

Christen Brown was a successful writer and sports journalist for the historic Crimson publication during the year 2010. Christen is credited with the creation of multiple sports profiles and features during her time as a Crimson sports journalist. Christen Brown served the Crimson admirably, contributing quality pieces to what is known as the oldest college newspaper in U.S. history. The Harvard Crimson, founded in 1873, has been fortunate over the years to have been managed and staffed with many future national and world leaders, including many famous names in business, journalism, politics, education and more. Christen Brown is appreciative of the Crimson’s storied and lengthy history of unsurpassed journalistic excellence. She is honored to have been a valuable member of one of the most revered and renowned journalistic institutions in history.

The Harvard Crimson is composed of nine boards, which includes Business & Technology, News, Magazine, Arts, Multimedia, Editorial, Multimedia, Sports and Design and Online Design. Christen Brown served as an enthusiastic, skilled and talented addition to the Crimson journalism staff. She was responsible for writing and reporting on competitive sporting events that involved Harvard University teams. Christen Brown looks back fondly on her time as a journalist for the Harvard Crimson, which continues to provide students, professors and the Cambridge community with unsurpassed student journalism.

The Harvard Foundation and Christen Brown: Promoting Inclusion and Equal Opportunity

As a student at Harvard University, Christen Brown considers herself fortunate to have had the chance to be a part of The Harvard Foundation for Intercultural and Race Relations. The Foundation is an organization dedicated to the improvement of racial and ethnic relations on the University campus. Christin Brown, a current member of the Foundation, is, and will always be, an enthusiastic and energetic supporter of the group’s mission. The Foundation’s mission is to encourage and promote inclusion, tolerance and acceptance of the many diverse groups of people that comprise the Harvard University student body.

Christen Brown is a part of a dedicated team of both Harvard alumni and students, all united with the purpose of creating a welcoming and comfortable campus environment for every campus visitor, professor and student. She is able to provide energetic support and enthusiastic support to the foundation and its efforts. Christen Brown once served as the Communications Director of the Cultural Rhythm 25th Anniversary Event, as well as the Co-Director of the Albert Einstein Science Conference during the 2009-2010 academic year. Christen Brown has committed her spare time and energy to making valuable contributions to the foundation’s promotional efforts. She is a valued foundation friend and colleague, and has been throughout the course of her student tenure.

Christen Brown looks back fondly on her first opportunity to be a part of the Harvard Foundation. She is proud of the contributions she has been able to make to the foundation, and to be a contributor to its continued success. The Foundation is constantly making efforts to eliminate discrimination, promote equality and encourage tolerance amongst the members of the student population. Christen Brown’s dedication has gone a long way towards improving visibility of the Foundation’s promotional and marketing efforts.

Harvard University Success Christen Brown

Christen Brown has been a successful student at Harvard University for a number of years. She continues to enjoy the benefits of a successful academic career.

Harvard is known by many around the world as the most revered and well respected educational institutions in the United States. Christen Brown is enjoying, and taking advantage, of her opportunity to undergo a challenging Harvard curriculum, and to experience the diverse set of renowned educational programs that Harvard University is famous for. The Ivy League school continues its tradition of institutional leadership and academic excellence.

Established in 1636, Harvard and is known throughout the country as the oldest higher education institution in the United States. Still a member of the institution’s diverse and exclusive large student population, Christen Brown is one of nearly 20,000 degree candidates that are enrolled every year at the university. Harvard University is able to claim more than 360,000 successful graduates currently living in areas around the world. It is perhaps the most-esteemed and best known universities in the Ivy League.

Christen Brown has benefitted from one the best and most challenging educational curriculums in the entire world. Harvard University proudly boasts of 12 degree-granting schools available to its student population. As a student and organizational leader, Christen Brown is proud to be a member of a tradition that goes back nearly four centuries; an institution responsible for the high-quality education and continued success of some of the most famous business leaders, politicians and innovators in the world. University alums are responsible for numerous innovations in the legal and scientific communities throughout its storied history. Christen Brown, who was a proud and successful member of the Harvard Crimson staff, and who contributed to the Harvard Foundation for Intercultural and Race Relations during her tenure, looks back fondly at her time at Harvard. She has enjoyed the opportunity to develop many lasting professional and personal relationships that continue to serve her to this day.

Christen Brown looks forward to being a member of a future Harvard graduating class. She is happy to consider herself amongst an elite and special group of successful Harvard students.

Christen Brown: Harvard Foundation Intern

During her tenure at Harvard University, Christen Brown has had the opportunity to be a part of The Harvard Foundation for Intercultural and Race Relations, an organization devoted to improved ethnic and racial relations on the Harvard campus. As a member of the Foundation, Christen Brown is, and always will be, a strong and enthusiastic supporter of the group’s mission, which is to promote and encourage tolerance, inclusion and acceptance of many diverse groups of people that make up the Harvard student body.

Christen Brown is a member of devoted team of both students and alumni, all united with the goal of making every Harvard student, professor and visitor as comfortable and welcome as possible. She provides enthusiastic leadership and support to the foundation’s efforts, serving as the Co-Director of the Albert Einstein Science Conference and as Communications Director of the Cultural Rhythms 25th Anniversary event in the 2009-2010 academic year. Christen Brown takes time away from her studies to make contributions to the group’s promotional efforts, and is a valued foundation colleague and friend.

Christen Brown is proud of her continued successes with the Foundation, and of the contributions she makes to ensure the group’s continued success. The Foundation constantly strives to promote equality, eliminate discrimination and promote tolerance, as well as to encourage the members of minority groups to become more involved in the fields of science and academia. Christen Brown’s efforts have gone a long way towards increasing visibility of the Foundation’s outreach efforts, and to making their events both memorable and successful.