Weekly Launch

January 14-18


CBA's will be happening next week. This will affect certain schedules depending on who is having to test.

FYI-we had 14 new students this week and lost 12!

Please be sure to sign up for PL on Jan. 21st. Sign-ups are available. Your team should spread out and attend as many different sessions as possible. Please get with Sandy or I if you have any questions. There is link in the Smore with all the PL opportunities.

Important Dates

January 14-


Watch D.O.G.-Israel Rangel-Isaiah/Jacquelyn/Isaac-Solomon/Chancey/Steiger-Pe/Pe/Music

January 15-

Learning Walk-Rachel pm

4th Reading CBA

Watch D.O.G.-Habibullah Baloch-Eshaal Baloch-Schillaci


January 16-

5th Science CBA


Watch DOG-Lee Cisneros-Elian-Matthew-PE


January 17-

3rd/4th Science CBA

Watch D.O.G.-Yousef Hamidi-Mehedy-Kramer-Music


January 18-Character Connection


AMC Counting Kinder closes

Watch D.O.G.-Daniel Walker-Xavier-Chancey-PE

Character Corner

Word of the Week-Commitment

Word of the Month-Trustworthiness

Morning Announcements-Wagner

Word of the Week-Convey

Shout Outs

Shout out to all our presenters on Monday(was that just this week!!!) I appreciate them preparing over the holidays

Shout out to Kinder for covering Stacy's class when she had to leave quickly.

Shout out to Sheila Garcia for getting injured, going to the doctor and coming back to work! Talk about dedication!!

Perfect Attendance

Here are the staff members with perfect attendance for the 2nd nine weeks!

Renee Berriman

Meghan Bionat

Charidy Chancey

Ginger Criswell

Mallory Davis

Michele Radler

Lauren Sauer

Hester Smith

Lora Steiger

Sandy Varner

Christine Wagner

Megan Wilson

Big picture

Be sure to check out the "wiggles" course outside Deem and Tanigawa's class! I love it!!


PBIS vs. Traditional Discipline

In a school with a traditional approach to discipline, teachers may try to correct behavior through punishment. Here’s an example.

During a class discussion, a student sitting in the back throws a spitball. With a traditional approach, the teacher might scold and send the student to the principal’s office. After the student is punished, the student returns to class and is expected to behave. But there’s no instruction on how to act appropriately. If there’s more bad behavior, they simply increase the punishment.

A school using PBIS would handle this differently. With PBIS, the school looks for minor issues to prevent them from becoming bigger behavior problems.

So before the student throws the spitball, a teacher might notice that the student is craving attention. The teacher might address that need positively before it grows into the urge to throw something. For example, the teacher could give the student a chance to share an opinion in a class discussion and recognize the contribution.

If the student still acts out and throws the spitball, the school would create a strategy to prevent the behavior from happening again. The strategy might include things like break time to cool off or a peer mentor. The school may even provide training for parents.

The school follows the student’s progress in managing behavior issues and may change strategy if something’s not working. In PBIS, schools still use discipline, but punishment isn’t the focus. The focus is on teaching expectations and preventing problems. From the start, all students learn about how to contribute to a class discussion. They may learn through role-playing or through actual lessons.

Big picture

Link to a list of all of Jan. 21st Professional Development sessions


I wanted to share with you about Stephanie McBride. The below statement came from Susan Silva yesterday. If you are interested in helping her, there is a link below.

Stephanie McBride, Executive Director of Professional Learning was recently diagnosed with metastatic bone cancer. She was at MD Anderson yesterday, meeting with doctors to work out the details of her treatment plan.

Stephanie has a husband, Jere, and two boys. Will is a new football star at Lamar University, and Michael is a freshman at Clear Springs who is also quite an athlete. If you know Stephanie, you know she loves some football!

Please use the link below to learn more about Stephanie’s story. If you are able to help support Stephanie and her family during this time, you can also find information about ways to do that at the link below.