Charkula Dance

Performed on the Festival of Holi

This Amazing Dance is performed mostly in Uttar Pradesh

A fascinating dance that is performed in the Braj Region of Uttar Pradesh.This dance is also performed in particular villages like Oomri,Khemri,Sonkh,Mukhrayi etc

are specialized in this dance.Different dates are fixed for different villages for this dance

108 Burning Lamps in a Circular Cage is balanced on the heads of Women

While balancing the 108 burning lamps on their heads (which is called Charkula) the trained female dancers also hold in both her hands two burning lamps.It is solo dance.

As the Charkula is heavy,the dancers are fed with healthy food so that they have the strength to carry it on their heads on the day of the performance.

The dance is performed at night so that the people can see the lamps more clearly