survival guide

kemadec island


I am in Australia.The climate is subtropical and the monthly climate is 22.4'c.This place has water around it and behind is a forest.There sand below our feet.

Four steps to survive

1.Find a place were there is wood. 2.When you find wood build a shelter and start a fire with the tools you have. 4.Roast and eat fish.

The animals in kermadec island

Fish under water.

Some animals their are the spiny dogfish,marco fish,and moray eels.

You can eat a spiny dogfish. It is a likely food source for you.It is dangerous because of its sharp teeth.It can bite you.


the plants are Australian algae,Coastal kowhai,andKauri. Kauri is good for you because you can build shelter with the hard leaves.It is edible.It can be harmful in summer because it makes a disease. It is not poisonous.
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