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Memorial Elementary Bobcat Bulletin 10-26 through 10-30-15

Red Ribbon Week!

Monday marks the beginning of Red Ribbon Week! Jennifer has worked hard to come up with some great dress up days that I know you will enjoy. See "What's Happening" below to learn how you can join in the fun.

Thank you for taking the time to display student artwork in the halls. It is wonderful to see what students are producing. Please keep it up.

Wow! I know that our Multicultural Fine Arts night was a great success and I'm so sad that I missed it. The good news is...the tweets kept coming! So, I could at least experience a bit of the fun. Thank you for taking the time to transforming our campus into the New Orleans French Quarter. I am SOOO proud!

The instruction going on this week was top notch. Several grade levels had students engaged in the design challenge including literacy, research, math, planning, designing, redesigning, writing, and more. These authentic opportunities empower students to take ownership of their learning. You are encouraged to continue to infuse challenges in the instructional program.

Lasty, we are ready to see staff and students in our 3rd-5th grade collaboration station. Please send Sara any ideas you have about how we can organize usage and care. We hope to have a plan rolled out this week.

Thanks everyone and let's have a wonderful week!

That's HILARIOUS! Send your funnies my way...

A kinder student was talking to a teacher and said, "Hey! Guess what? I sneezed and tooted at the same time. I didn't know you could do that!”


Heather for organizing, planning, and helping to make Multicultural Fine Arts night a great success. Jessica H. for implementing Google Classroom and seamlessly offering immediate feedback to student on their group projects. Seema for turning our 3rd - 5th grade collaboration station into a welcoming kid friendly work space.

What's Happening!

10/26 - RRW Stay in the Game; Be Drug Free - wear warm-up or athletic wear (Disclaimer-please refrain from wearing bottoms that are form-fitted, have text or graphics on the back, or may otherwise disrupt the learning environment)

10/26 - LPAC 9 am (Select Group)

10/26 - 3rd - 5th Guided Reading for Todays' Learner 3:30 pm at the Admin Building (Optional)

10/26 - Admin PDH 3:15 pm

10/27 - RRW Team Up Against Drugs - wear Memorial spirit shirt or colors

10/27 - SBIC 3:15 pm

10/27 - PACE Parent Meeting 5 pm

10/27 - Presentation at First Christian Church 7 pm

10/28 - RRW SOCK-it to Drugs - wear crazy socks

10/28 - Staff Meeting 3:15 pm (Cultural Competency)

10/29 - RRW Love your Drug-Free Selfie - dress as you future self

10/29 - A-Week Bobcat Visioning Meetings (K,3,4)

10/29 - Anna's After Party Wedding Shower 3:15 pm

10/30 - RRW Say BOO to Drugs - wear orange and black

10/30 - CMITs

Pride's Schedule

In the building all week!

Happy Birthday

10/26 - Lislia