Child Abuse

By Lina and Hannah Block:2

What is Child Abuse?

Child abuse comes in many different forms physical, neglect, emotional, and sexual abuse. Not all child abuse has to be physical to be considered abuse.


-5 kids die everyday due to child abuse

-1 out of 3 girls are sexually abused

-1 out of 5 boys are sexually abused

-Most children who are neglected are at the age 18 months or younger

-3.6 million cases of child abuse is reported every year

The Abusers

Most parents abuse their kids have problems at work or at home. This leads to stress which could leave abuse in some cases. 14% of men are report for child abuse, but 36% of women are reported for child abuse.

The Victims

Kids can be seen as easy targets for parents to "release" their stress on. Victims who were abused are left with not just real scars but mental scars. The victims to child abuse suffer from many health problems latter on in their life.
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The long run

Just because parents of abuse the kids go away doesn't mean the victims problems go away.

Victims can suffer many health disorders in the future such as...

-High blood pressure



Parents who abuse their children can suffer from

-being charged with a felony

-may carry a lifetime sentence in jail (in serious cases)

- In most cases they could get probation or 5 years of jail time

Our solution

We believe that if we made this topic more relevant and not keep it on the down low. It could stop and prevent in most cases.