Darius Davis


If spanish is the official language then why do native americans speak their own language and do the go to cultural gatherings?

Native Americans in Ecuador speak their own language because they are used to speaking their language.Native Americans do go to cultural gatherings for Ecuador because they live in Ecuador.


What kind of climate do they have and why does the climate get so hot or so cold?

Lowlands in Ecuador are about 75 degrees F.In the Andes Highlands all year it is 57 degrees F.In the capital Quito it is 71 degrees F.These temperatures come from the Peru current.


What kind of rich plant and animal life do they have on the Galapagos Island and what kind of resources do they have the most?

For resources they have ,banana,cacao,coffee,and sugarcane.The Galapagos Island has iguanas, pelicans,llamas,parrots,butterflies,waved albatross,sally lightfoot crab,galapagos sea lion,galapagos tortoises.


If Ecuador had any wars why were they fighting and how many did they win?

Ecuador had many wars with Peru.Peru took most of Ecuadors land so I think that Ecuador and Peru were fighting over the possetion of land.
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