Giving a Hand to Trees!

This tells you about how you should step up & help trees!!!!


Trees are getting chopped down because some people are chopping trees down, and so you should help! Here are some ideas, You can plant trees, you can not chop trees, you can not waste paper, and you can make the environment a better place for the trees.

Why you Need to Plant Trees

You might be thinking " Why should I plant trees?" You should because trees give us oxygen and we need some of oxygen, because without oxygen we can't breathe and plus they helped us, so we should help them in return. Also they give us paper and without paper we wouldn't be doing our assignment and it would be harder for us to learn and yes we can use a laptop or a computer but what if we don't have one, we would have to buy one, but then we won't have dollars because money is made out of paper!

Why People are cutting down trees

People are cutting down trees because people want to make more buildings and then they have to cut down trees for it, like in the Lorax, the lorax was the guardian of the trees and a man wanting to make a company right where the trees were and so he cut down all the trees and sometimes when you do something you might think you want to do it again, until you don't have it anymore!