September 19-23 Newsletter

Social Studies Department

This week...

I am going to share 3 resources that I hope you will fine useful in your classroom!
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NewsELA is a really great resource!! If you have never heard of it or used it give it a try!

NewsELA is a library of articles on various topics. Would be great to use with current events.

The really cool thing about NewsELA is that you/students can change the reading level of the articles. If you have a class of students with multiple reading levels this is great! It can also translate articles into Spanish.

As a teacher you can set up your classes and assign them articles. They also have built in quizzes and writing prompts.

I use NewsELA with my classes, so would love to share more if you are interested.

Right now we are only using the free version, but we are looking to possibly budget for full subscriptions in the stay tuned!

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Mike Lutz introduced me to Listenwise this summer.

Listenwise is a collection of podcasts on various topics, many of them current events. A lot of the sources are public broadcast radio and NPR. You can search by topics. Feel free to explore, but be warned that once you start listening/exploring it is hard to stop!

This is free for you to access, but in order to access more features there is a pay option. As far as I know we are not looking to budget for this in the future.

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I mentioned Epic! at our opening department meeting this year.

At first glance you might think Epic! is for elementary students. But if you look closer you will find there might be something there for your students.

Epic! has on-line books that you can put in your library and then have students go on-line and read. The books are at various reading levels, but are mostly geared towards elementary/middle school reading levels. Again, this is a resource that might be useful for some of your students that are at lower reading levels. There are some high interest type books that would be good for students to check out. As you search you will see that there are lots of books for the various areas in Social Studies!

This is a free resource, so check it out!