My American Shaman CBD Review

Turns out they're pretty great!

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American Shaman Review

American Shaman is a company that specializes in CBD oil. Since their recent legalization, the category of products has taken the market by storm. American Shaman's products are designed to offer a host of different health and wellness benefits, and to improve your quality of life. But the question is: should you rely on this company to source your CBD products?

CBD might be closely linked to a banned substance (cannabis), but it’s actually legal non-psychoactive substance. While CBD oil itself is perfectly legal, natural, and safe, that’s only true if the company in question is reputable. Unfortunately, there are lots of cowboy outfits popping up that to try and take advantage of the lack of information surrounding the topic. Low quality CBD oil has been known to cause some pretty adverse reactions, so it’s important that you do your research first.

That’s why today, I'm taking a look at CBD American Shaman, one of the premier brands hitting the market. In this full review, I'll discuss the brand, the products, and whether or not you should consider using them.

About the Company

Unlike many CBD oil companies, American Shaman has a policy of full transparency on their website. This is already a great sign, as a lot of these outlets are rather mysterious in their operations.

According to the website, CBD American Shaman is dedicated to bringing wellness to the world. The company clearly is most interested in providing healthy products, and wants to help its customers. That’s something we can get behind! The company also has an actual office that you can visit, meaning that you can stop by if you have any questions.

What we also like about this company is a commitment to 100% organic and well-sourced products The hemp used is non GMO, and no heavy insecticides or other chemicals are used in the process. This is great news for those that are selective about what they put into their bodies: it means that you can enjoy the amazing benefits of CBD oil with none of the unwanted extra junk that often sneaks its way in!

What the company does do though, is to include a ‘proprietary nanotechnology’ technique that claims to increase the bioavailability by up to 9X. That’s a huge boost in the effect and potency, and in our experiences you really do feel it when you try using the product.

The business is also very reliable and reputable when it comes to things like delivery, customer service, and all that other good stuff. The website is modern and well made, with lots of clear information. The business promises to refund any orders 100% within 45 days if their customers aren’t happy.

The customer service team was happy to answer all of our questions and is seemingly available around the clock. And the customer reviews are extremely positive across the board. I even scored myself a coupon code!

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About the Products

American Shaman sells CBD oil – hence the name CBD American Shaman. This is the company’s specialty, though it also sells a whole host of other products. Those include things like candies, like lip revitalize, like capsules, like gummies, and like topical anti-inflammatory creams.

While all these products are effective and some are tasty/fun to use, the best way to get the full benefits of CBD is always through the oils. Especially true thanks to the increased bioavailable. You can vape these oils, or you can place then under your tongue to be absorbed sublingually.

For those that are unfamiliar with the properties of CBD oil, we should clear a few things up. First, contrary to popular belief, CBD oil will not get you high. This is not the psychoactive element found in marijuana, rather than is THC.

This means that the product is safe to use driving and generally when doing anything that requires attention or fine motor control. It also means that the products the company sells are legal in all 50 states.

So, what does CBD oil do?

Firstly, American Shaman CBD oil will help you to feel more relaxed. CBD is a known anti-anxiety supplement, and it will help you to get to sleep (anti-insomnia). Not only that, it reduces inflammation, it strengthens the immune system against disease, it might help to protect the heart, it possibly extends lifespan, and it can improve memory and focus.

Whereas many anti-anxiety medications (called anxiolytics) will make you feel sleepy and ‘out of it’, CBD oil is quite the opposite and can actually boost your focus and help you to perform your very best.

It does all this because – as we are only now discovering – the body actually has thousands of CBD receptors throughout. These form what is known as the ECS system, which is a network of other systems within the body responsible for things like appetite, like sleep, like hormone regulation, like mood, and like attention. When you stimulate these in the right way, you feel amazing – and the long term health effects are fantastic.

American Shaman CBD oil helps you to get these benefits in a way that is affordable, that is reliable, and that really works. You feel the effects quickly, and you’ll know precisely how much you’re getting.

In short, this medicinal superfood provides all the ‘good bits’ of marijuana with none of the bad bits.

Note: Companies like American Shaman are not permitted to make health claims and so you won’t find any on their websites. Likewise, I cannot make health claims and it’s worth noting that the science is in its infancy. But what is definitely true, is that there is a huge body of evidence mounting up in support of the effectiveness of CBD oil and even more anecdotal evidence. In all likelihood, this is a highly effective treatment that thousands of people could be benefiting from. I recommend you give it a try and see for yourself.

In any case, based on my research, American Shaman is definitely going to become a staple source of my cbd needs in the near future!